Snow Chow 1.0 DIY


I was doing a custom DIY for a bit last year and ran out of a bunch of ingredients, and was thinking I should get back into it since I hate the fact that I am getting fatter and unhealthier. Who knows when the official Soylent will arrive, so it is back to DIY for me.

I was thinking of trying People Chow Tortilla Perfection due to its simplicity and popularity. Looking at the ingredient list, I have some Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard but the recipe calls for Now Foods WHEY PROTEIN. The recipe list on the DIY site has them listed with vastly different nutrient profiles, and it seems that substituting what I have might not work.

I would rather not spend $116 if I can avoid it. Is there anyone smarter than me out there who knows if this will work or if I have to spend the money to try People Chow?


You should always make your own copy of the recipe to play with. If using different ingredients, you may need to tinker with the quantities to make everything come out right. The Optimum Nutrition protein you have is a mix of isolate and concentrate, which is the main reason the nutrient labels are slightly different, but if you normalize them to the same serving size, you’ll see there’s not actually very different.

Both of the proteins you linked too are very overpriced. If you already have the Optimum Nutrition protein, by all means, use it, but when you run out, this is probably your best bet:

If you can tolerate Concentrate, it’s a more economical solution than Isolate (even after adjusting for the lower protein concentration), but be sure to account for the difference in your recipe.


Thank you. I did have a recipe I was playing around with but ended up deleting it. Here is my new one: Snow Chow 1.0. This is a modified People Chow which uses the whey protein I already have as well as grapeseed oil which appears not to change much. I welcome any advice, constructive criticisms, etc.

As far as I can tell it looks pretty good except the Sulfur and Vitamin K are a bit low: I wonder if the other whey powder snuck that in. Will this be an issue? I have some Sulfur powder if I need it but no vitamin K.


Your sulfur is good, no need to supplement, but you do need to update your protein to reflect the proper amount, currently it is showing zero. See this discussion on SAA content in protein.

You may consider adding these D3/K2 drops to top off your K. One drop a day will take care of you so this bottle should go a long way.


Thanks, @kennufs. I was eying those K drops yesterday, I probably should have just ordered them. Amazon Prime will get them here Saturday, but I have too many lunch/dinner plans to try this recipe before Sunday anyway.

When I get more time I will update the sulfur in the ingredients, but based on that thread you linked and some googling it appears that I have nothing to worry about. I will most likely get a sufficient amount from the Masa and whey isolate.

Looks like I also need to update some of the stats on the grapeseed oil. I copied the info from the bottle, but that did not include Omega 3/6/9 data. I will have to look it up and update that as well.


Soybean oil was providing the vitamin K in People Chow. If you’re using a different kind of oil, you’ll want to add some of this in, unless you want some scarily long-lasting nosebleeds thanks to your blood being unable to clot. :wink: Happened to me once.


I looked into the ingredients more, and it looks like soybean oil and grapeseed oil are similar except that soybean oil has vitamin K and grapeseed oil has none. Also, I have a bunch of grapeseed oil hanging around so I will use that up (with vitamin K drops) then grab some soybean oil from the stupidmarket.

Rather than pay for shipping, I went somewhere besides home and work to buy masa harina. I found a nice little Mexican market a few miles away that had a shelf full of the stuff for about $4.50 per bag, still cheaper than Amazon plus shipping (not Prime eligible). Plus, I found an awesome selection of Mexican cheeses. I will have to go back: if not for more masa harina, definitely for cheese and store-made tamales that looked wicked delicious.