So 21 grams of fat per serving... Apologies if discussed before


But if have 3 per day, that’s 63 grams of fat, plus whatever else I have…

Seems like too much, but is it?

I just a ordered a test case of vanilla and tub and want to try going at least 75 percent like I have in the past…

Don’t know why the 21 number is standing out to me, it never did before


Fat won’t make you fat, your body actually needs it.


I find it to be a lot and that’s why I quit drinking soylent. I thrive off of a low fat high carb whole food plant based diet. The idea of soylent is nice, but now it sits in my cupboard waiting for an emergency lol. Fat makes me really hot and sweaty after eating it and feels uncomfortable, Imagine if you had the 5 bottles a day for the "whole nutrition.: It was so mcuh fat and I felt awful afterwards! Soylent did this to me often and also made me feel sleepy. This is what I live off of and I feel great :slight_smile: Dr. Mcdougall is amazing and cares about his patients. One of his philosophies is , “the fat you eat is the fat you wear.” The Starch Solution is a wonderful book to read if you’re interested in finding out more. Also here’s his website if you’d like to do your own digging.

For now the soylent shall sit in the back of the cupboard, but I would love to continue to be part of the community ass Soylent keeps growing and evolving :slightly_smiling_face:When I like a company, I’m usually very loyal to it hehe. I wish you the best experience and good results with your dietary choice. Have a great day <3


That statement is blatantly false. Fats are healthy. Dietary fat does not equate to becoming fat anymore than dietary cholesterol gives you high cholesterol. In fact we cannot live without fat, it’s necessary for survival. We must consume both protein and fat to survive, it’s unavoidable, interestingly though we can skip the carbs completely while healthy and thriving.

For most people being vegan/vegetarian would work wonderfully, also, for most people the complete opposite diet of meat with low/no carbs would work wonderfully. We’re a beautifully diverse group that can thrive on extremes and what’s between.


Some fats are healthy, about 10-15% of your calories is optimal :slight_smile: Unfortunately, soylent has way too much fat :frowning:Every fruit and vegetable has a little fat in it, which is good. It’s best to take it easy on avocado and nuts. Best to eat those very sparingly and avoid all oils :slight_smile: Fat has lots of calories per gram compared to carbs. I live very well on a low fat high carb diet. Ancient human societies thrived on a carb fueled diet 10,000 years ago. I live on the diet that my ancesters did and feel great. I highly suggest you take a look at Dr. MdDougall’s work. He wrote “The Starch Solution.” That book changed my life. It’s a fun and easy read.
That is one of the main reasons I don’t drink soylent anymore is due to the very high fat content. (Second reason, it doesn’t keep me full very long.) Hopefully someday Soylent will make a lower fat version someday :slight_smile: I love the idea behind soylent though.