So disappointed

So, I found Soylent about 5 years ago. I have an unusual work environment - long shifts up to 24 hours, with little to no opportunity to eat. Lunch breaks don’t exist. It was very distressing - until I found Soylent. A couple bottles in my work bag put me in control - “food” was ready for me when I wanted it without having to get up and leave. Best part - it was totally nutritionally balanced, as I understood it. I like the “can replace any meal” mentality. I have “sold” at least a dozen people on this stuff. Everyone including my own wife thinks I’m crazy because I treat this stuff as food. But - it works for me, my weight is stable, and I no longer miss meals! I even defend the company’s dubious choice of the name “Soylent” vis a vis the sci-fi movie…

First disappointment:
“Optimized” - just “yuck”… when people asked me about Soylent, and asked if it was any good, I could honestly say “I love it - it taste like pancake batter”…love the smooth, oat-like flavor. Got my first shipment of “optimized” but didn’t realize the change had happened - I literally thought it was somehow spoiled and threw it away. I even got in touch, sent the lot number to be helpful, and was given a replacement. Sadly - it was just as gross. Did some reading and learned about optimization. I am having such a hard time deciding whether to stick with the plan and just chug it down - or try to find something else. It took me a long time to sum up the flavor I’m detecting that I don’t like; it’s somewhere between root beer and maple syrup. I’m so sad. It’s just too sweet!

Next: Bridge is gone?!?!??!!? WHY??
Soylent provided me the perfect in-between snack… I loved the flavor, the macros, the calories and everything else about it. It completely fit in with the plan. And today - realized why Amazon is having trouble getting it to me. Because is doesn’t exist.

Stacked is great - but due to the caffeine, it’s not going to be able to replace Bridge for me, since I avoid caffeine after noon.

I’m so disappointed that this company could introduce products which work so well together - and amass a huge community of happy users - only to grossly (I mean gross) change the flavor and eliminate products. (Bridge)

So disappointed
-Your biggest fan


I could not agree more.

I was the biggest Soylent fan. The Cafe Vanilla is now undrinkable (whereas before I genuinely LOVED the coffee-esque taste).

It’s honestly hard to stomach now.


Same here, the really good flavors are being replaced but unnecessarily sweet ones. Cafe Vanilla is indeed undrinkable and I’ve just cancelled it, so I’m stuck with the regular Coffee (until they make it taste like cotton candy a well).
Now they are changing the Cocoa flavor to something called Creamy Chocolate, so the name already suggests it will taste like the cheapest candy bar.

Is there an alternative? Huel maybe?

It would be a bummer as I’ve been with Soylent since the crowdfunding campaing. I was one of those first guinea pigs who where mixing the powder with water in a pitcher and farted like crazy for weeks.

If you want less-sweet chocolate, I can tell you that Plenny Drink Chocolate (Jimmy Joy) is for you. It’s a not-so-sweet but strongly flavored chocolate. It’s great.

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The «Optimized» is so disgusting. Just inedible.

They took a product which I could happily have as a meal replacement many times a week and turned it into something I can barely choke down.

It may have less carbs but it’s so sickeningly sweet and where the taste was formerly almost eerily neutral and inoffensive this is distinct, unmistakable, and highly repulsive.

Also so disappointed,
~ S


Agreed, they’ve definitely gotten away from serving the people who drink this stuff for the vast majority of the meals. The new optimized line is too sweet to drink regularly.

Thank you. Actually, my go-to is (was) the original flavor RTD… in my opinion it was a perfect balance between pleasant taste and lack of overt flavoring. I always described it as a bit like pancake batter. Others describe an oat taste, which I agree with. I like the chocolate Bridge (RIP) and the Stacked for snacks, but don’t want the full 400 calories meal replacement variety to taste like dessert.


If anyone from soylent is listening… how about giving an encore to the original RTD and calling it “Original” and renaming the optimized to “Soylent Lite”? Let the consumers decide which they prefer.