So... do you have a timeframe for Europe


Now that Soylent production is up as a consequence of the January funding, do you envision selling this to European people too?


I can answere this question for you :smiley:

By the sound of it, they were going to start shipping to Canada first before doing Europe. Though it now seems like they have caught up with production of Soylent with their 50x increased production, they ‘should’ be able to expand directly into Canada + Europe right away… where the main problem would be regulations. The fact that the product probably can’t just say"Vitamin A 25%" as the daily value can be different from USA to Europe on several vitamins and minerals… in other words, they would need separate packaging for European orders.


We are going step by step, We don’t want to enter markets and have the same issues we recently overcame in the US. Canada is our next stop, when we officially launch there we will make an announcement. I have no time line to offer you at this stage.


Was going to say essentially the same as Conor. Anyway, there was an announcement a little while back saying as much, too.

Thanks Conor.


Just thought I would mention that there appears to already be a copycat product in Europe. I won’t help them out by saying their name, but you can find it if you look a little. It is not vegan, and uses what appears to be cheaper ingredients with more health problems associated with them (like whey protein, for example).


Doesn’t hurt saying their names, there are also plenty of them and most of us are well aware of them.

Joylent, Queal, MANA and more. I can personally vouch for Joylent until Soylent becomes available in Europe, as their product tastes fine in comparision to Soylent 1.0 (only version I tried so far) (someone send me a bag of 1.4 already ahahahaha :((((( ) has a larger list of the available brands.


What ingredients do you mean? Rice protein (the one used by Soylent) is cheaper than whey protein concentrate (not to mention isolate), in my experience. Also, what are the health problems associated with whey protein? (I know only of lactose intolerance)


Well, I’m allergic to it, so that is enough for me. And some people have trouble with soy. But I may have spoken too soon. I did not do a careful comparison, but a quick look make me think that Joylent was not as well made a product as Soylent. I wonder if there are people taking a serious look at the different products in the field and weighing their nutritional merits. The blendrunner site mentioned above does not do this. But so far I am satisfied with Soylent and am convinced that it is a carefully-made product.


Yeah, I know about it and those you have mentioned are exactly the reasons I’m still staying away from it. :stuck_out_tongue:


true. I asked @Synectar, to provide more nutritional info but nothing has been done.


We definitely want to have this on Blendrunner too, so one of the future updates will deliver.