So Hawaii recycling won't take 2.0 bottles

The more humorous part was the lady trying to convince me in her email that it’s OK because they will burn them for power and it’s all good.

Yes, burning plastic for power is great I’m sure.

(being Hawaii, they have strong EPA regs about removing pollutants from smoke…but still.)

That was a pretty “face palm” email.


Which organization did you email to find that out?

This might make you feel better:

Mr. Goodall calculates that if you wash plastic in water that was heated by coal-derived electricity, then the net effect of your recycling could be more carbon in the atmosphere.


Modern incinerators, while politically unpopular in the United States, release so few pollutants that they’ve been widely accepted in the eco-conscious countries of Northern Europe and Japan for generating clean energy.


Is the problem that you can’t get money for it, or that the plastic won’t be put towards a new purpose?

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I’d love to try 2.0, but if I’m not mistaken, the shipping to Hawaii more than doubles the cost. At least with the powder, it only adds about 20%.

Is there someplace in Hawaii that retails 2.0?