So how badly does Soylent 1.4 stain?


Went to shake up my soylent in a cheap shaker bottle this morning, and it turns out that the flip-up cap flips up really easily unless you’re holding it just right. Soylent everywhere… :frowning:

Put my shirt in the washing machine to soak… any chance it’ll survive?

My advice to everyone else: Don’t cheap out on bottles.


Considering Soylent has no colors or pigments in it your shirt should be fine.


Advice would be to use “soap” with enzymes since it containes proteins and fats that might otherwise be annoying to get out. (Enzymes against proteins and fats)

No experience with Soylent stains yet, but just incase.


Seconding this ^. I sprinkled my t-shirt with coffee cream (was the start of a bad morning) and it wouldn’t come out in the wash. But rubbing it with Dawn dish detergent did the job. Made sense because dish detergent is designed to dissolve food stuffs.

I also saw a video (which I haven’t been able to confirm) which says that fat stains can be removed by rubbing chalk into the stain and then washing normally. I’m trying to find chalk (which is amazing elusive) to try this out on some t-shirts which still have mystery spots.



Wasn’t that hard to find.


I meant in the stores. I know I can order it online. For some reason, the stationery sections at the local supermarkets have all sorts of other things but not that.



You are looking in the wrong place then. You’re going to have to go to a sportings goods store. Preferably one that caters to weightlifters, gymnasts, and rock climbers.


I’m thinking he means like chalkboard chalk… which I’d expect to find in hobby or craft stores anyway.


OK. OK. I have to develop a sudden love of shopping. I get it. I was making a random comment about something that used to be very common in stationery sections of regular stores.



From very recent experience with DIY Soylent and the exact same thing happening, it came out just fine. Of course the official Soylent mix is different, just don’t put beetroot juice in it :wink:


I am Gerald-Ford-level clumsy with liquids, and I haven’t seen any permanent Soylent stains.


I spilled soylent on myself few times, still no stains. Tend to happen as I mix soylent with chocolate flavoring.

Blender bottle never fails unless I fail to seal it.


I still haven’t even washed/checked the shirt so we’ll see…

But the other question is: How do I get it out of my recliner?