So I don't have gluten sensitivity? Research says probably not


It appears that gluten sensitivity is actually much rarer than the gluten-free craze would have you believe. In fact, it’s so rare that scientists have determined it probably doesn’t exist unless you have celiac disease — a severe condition that affects just over 2 million people, or about 0.8% of the population.


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Awful article. Here’s a better writeup on the same study:


It links to the actual study. It doesnt need to do any more than that. lol


Sigh, the actual results of that study are far different than the conclusions that the sources reporting on it are coming to.

It actually shows that are more people are sensitive to something in gluten containing foods, likely FODMAPs.
From the abstract of the study:

“Recent randomized controlled re-challenge trials have suggested that gluten may worsen gastrointestinal symptoms, but failed to confirm patients with self-perceived NCGS have specific gluten sensitivity. Furthermore, mechanisms by which gluten triggers symptoms have yet to be identified.”

So basically, they found that everyone was effected negatively by something in gluten containing grains, more likely by the FODMAPs (specific carbohydrates) than the gluten; and not only the celiacs and gluten sensitive. So it’s not in any manner saying people weren’t negatively effected, just that they couldn’t draw conclusions that the negative effects were due directly to the gluten. So it shows it’s a wider spread problem than originally thought, but it requires more study and classification.