So I froze my soylent


and it was awesome. I initially froze it over-night for a backpacking trip, and after taking it out in the morning and letting it thaw for around an hour (+/-30min?), I shook it up to find myself holding what looked like a jug of chocolate frozen yogurt (ps: i put cocoa in there for flavoring). When I tasted it it was awesome. Well, compared to the “pretty good” taste of my usual soylent it was awesome- like an oat-y, chocolate-y, probably-healthy fro-yo. I quickly made friends try it, who all agreed it was the best tasting soylent-thing I’ve made them try.

My formula is a high protein, medium-high fats, medium carbs (mostly oats, some dextrins, and a little sugar for taste), and low fiber mix. I suspect the high protein, good amount of fats, and high soluble fiber via oats are what give it the nice frozen texture.

So there you go. Cold soylent tastes better, but frozen soylent magically turns into a healthy ice cream/froyo replacement.


That’s good to hear. Has anyone tried a warm Soylent yet? I forecasting a bitterly cold morning where the last thing I want is a cold drink for breakfast. I’d try it, but I’m not as smart as all you DIYers.


@Tyler Mine also freezes (and defrosts) exceptionally well, Tyler. I find I prefer it just beginning to thaw a bit, seems to be when the flavour’s at its best.

@sharkerty I’m sure its doable, Paul; some mods might be needed but I think it’s worth investigating. I’ll try diluting some of mine and heating it for starters (in its natural state my RealFoods Analogue Soylent is a custard or cornstarch-pudding consistency, so it would need thinning to become a hot drink). It being high summer here, I hadn’t given it much thought but I’m sure this autumn and winter I’m going to want a hot version.


I take it the extreme cold won’t degrade any micros?


accidentally several times.


i think what’s going on is the amino acids break down under heat and make it incredibly bitter.

@Tyler, i’ve recently (like today) started a program that is zero carbs for the first 3 weeks (except workout days). the taste is way better than my regular blend.


Are you going keto?



Man that sounds good. Do you have a link to your recipe on the DIY community?



Another weirdly random thing that makes Soylent taste shockingly good: powdered ginseng. I stick fairly close to the Hacker School recipe, so it’s naturally chocolaty but still somewhat funky-tasting. And ginseng tastes real funky. But I was feeling sickly the other day and a friend dumped some ginseng in there, and somehow the two funky tastes negated each other completely and what resulted was something that tasted EXACTLY like plain old chocolate milk. Delicious.

Now I’m looking for cheap sources of powdered ginseng.


gahh warm soylent. iv found soylent to be very prone to fermentation. last August spending the whole day out side (25 degrees+) my soylent would go bad very quickly.


Careful, you might create a whole new life form.


Mixing my dry powder with hot water quickly turns it into a jelly slightly thicker than oatmeal, probably due to starches and proteins linking up. With the right seasoning, it’s quite delicious. If you’ve got an electric kettle at work or home, i suggest you try it out.

I’ve been baking my soylent, and it’s delicious hot. I’ve got a low sugar flavor neutral profile, and I flavor the base with whatever I feel like on a given day (I typically bake 2-4 days worth at a time). Salsa works great, and I recently made a soylent (green) key-lime cake that impressed the friends who had written off soylent based upon my first batch.


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any one tried freeze drying a soylent “puck”? had the idea for a while. I wonder how the fats and oils would fair. now you would have to consume large amounts of water, but this would be a travelers dream! soo very light!


ooo! Now I have a reason to get a dehydrator!
Brought to mind the first panel of this comic…


I accidently froze a bottle!? Do i drink it when it thaws o____o??


It’s an ice-cream now. So lick it.


Threw my Soylent in the freezer for a couple of hours, and it was awesome! I’ll have to try overnight for the next one.


im not a fan of warm soylent…ive been using this thermos bottle since i started

Love it…big opening to fill…small opening to drink…great handle to carry around…keeps cold for hours…

I also ordered a blenderbottle…took out the ball…it doesnt fit in the thermos bottle…i put the ball in a vice…crushed it to the right size (~2 inch opening on thermos) and heated it so it would hold form…now i have an awesome thermos to keep soylent cold with a football shaped blender ball in it…highly recommend this setup.

im also looking for a way to carry around portions of soylent easily with an easy built in funnel to get it in the bottle…i have a few item on the way…will let you all know if it works out (baby formula dispenser hoping it holds a meals worth per compartment)