So I have to jump on the "I hate 1.4" bandwagon


This is a picture of my Soylent 1.4 after letting it sit in the fridge overnight. It separated! Why did that happen? Why is that even a thing that can happen?

I only had about a week of 1.3 and while that certainly wasn’t the nectar of the gods it was at least tolerable. I can’t drink this 1.4 stuff. It’s so oily! I can taste the oil. I can feel the oil! It leaves this residue in my mouth that would take an exorcist to banish.

I’m mixing it according to the instructions, is there something else I should be doing? I tried a week sample of 1.3 and then setup a monthly subscription right around the switch to 1.4, so now I have almost a month’s worth of this stuff and I absolutely cannot drink it. Ugh.


Can you not just shake it to get the layers mixed back together? I always shake mine before I pour it out anyway just to make sure it is mixed well.


I agree, it’s gross. But I paid for a month of it so I’m stuck searching for a fix. Today I blended frozen strawberries with day old Soylent 1.4. It was pretty tasty! I had to drink it quick because I feared what it might become if it wasn’t a frozen slushy. I may get sick of drinking (and preparing!) strawberry smoothies, so I hope they figure out how to return Soylent to its previous consistency and taste.


Seriously. That is the second post I’ve seen this morning that made me wonder if all the people complaining about texture can’t be bothered to re-shake the next morning. (In my experience, it only takes one re-shake to keep it from separating again.)

I would think this would be obvious to most people; but then again, I’ve seen people wondering why soylent is bothering them when they force half or more of a day’s servings down in 5 minutes.


Do you not understand the concept of density? Separation is natural. It happens in any drink that has “shake well” on the bottle. Just shake your pitcher up and it’s good to go. Jeeze.


I’ve been shaking/swirling my pitcher, bottle or cup before literally every pour and every sip, since 1.0. I’ve come to expect the suspended solids in Soylent to sink. I’d be pleasantly surprised if I didn’t have to do that, but for the moment it’s just part of the deal.


Regarding smoothies (Soylent or no), it’s true that they’re best just out of the blender, while air is still whipped into them. Many a fruit smoothie has turned into thin, disappointing fruit-water if left to sit too long.


This is no different from 1.3 where you literally put oil and water into a container. Oil and water do not mix.

Just shake it up before you pour it, as with 1.3.


Yes obviously I shake it, that fixes the separation but not the oily taste/feel. The point is that 1.3 did not separate like this.


Now that that is cleared up, that still looks like a lot of separation compared to what I have seen with 1.4. What is your water source, mixing temperature (not looking for an exact degree of course, just cold, cool, room temp, luke warm, etc…), and (to get a guess on fridge temp) how fast does stuff generally spoil in your fridge (before expiration, well after, etc…)?



It might depend on the hardness or softness of the water you are using. I don’t have that trouble with mine separating or tasting oily.


Two things. First, 1.3 did separate like this.

Second, the “I hate 1.4” stance is not a bandwagon, as bandwagon would imply majority. The majority of customers are happy with 1.4.


Yup, 1.3 did separate.

And one could argue a whole new thread wasn’t really needed for this topic.


Is there way for a moderator to merge threads together that are about similar things?


That is much more separation that I have seen when I mix a pitcher and let it sit in the fridge over night. I usually see about 1/2" or so of the white stuff floating on top. But just shake the pitcher again before pouring and it should be fine.

If you have not drank anything from this pitcher, it looks to me like you’re not using enough water. When I make mine it is filled up to the inner ring on the top of the pitcher ( this is close to aligning with the top of the handle). Your’s looks to me like it is filled to about 1" below the bottom of the black top. To me it looks like you’re about 2" short of a full pitcher. I use about 1.6 liters of water when I make a pitcher. I’m not sure what the instructions say, but if it’s too thick and greasy, try adding more water to make it thinner (some people will mix it like normal, but then water it down when they pour a glass).

One think you could try is using an immersion blender or a regular blender to mix it up better before putting it in the fridge. It would probably separate less that way.

As for making it more palatable, I add about 2-3 tablespoons of dark cocoa powder to each pitcher. I helps to cover up the after taste. Others add powdered peanut butter.


I am person who uses immersion blender, shake it in the pitcher, shake it in the glass, shake it before it gets to my lips, but the sliminess will not go away.

It’s nice that some people are not noticing the slime - I wish I were one of them. And I wish I didn’t have to add anything to 1.4 to make it drinkable.


But it is so creamy and delicious. Almost looks and tastes like milk. My sort of problem with 1.3 was that is smelled, tasted, and reminded me way too much of slimfast. I think that was the vanillin… Now that that is gone it is so much better. I kind of would have rather the higher protein and fiber though…


My 1.0 separated too… nothing wrong with that, such is the nature of liquids with different densities… science you know :wink:


Ok, fine, forget the separation bit, what about the oily taste/feel/aftertaste? That’s what I really care about. I posted the picture of the separation because I believe that there’s simply too much oil and that’s what causes the oily taste/feel. I don’t really care about the separation itself, but I do maintain that 1.3 didn’t separate to anywhere near this extent.