So, I was looking at fat bombs


I was looking for a practical way to eat keto when fat bombs somehow showed up on my google searches and I believe I may just have found the perfect snack.

A rough outline: oats, coconut oil, almond milk, chocolate flavoured whey protein and voila.


I would like to clarify, that any small snack consisting of largely fat can be considered a fat bomb.
Furthermore, poeple on a ketogenic diet typically do not eat oats, as it is a source of carbs.

But, yes: fat bombs are really nice :smile:


The recipe on that page doesn’t mention oats, but the cocoa and almond butter will still give it a high amount of phytic acid.

Still, it’s a good starting point for a solid form of Soylent. My mix really doesn’t work well for travel, so I want to find a decent solid version. Any kind of calorie source for travel that isn’t carbs, grains and sugar would be nice. One can only eat so much beef jerky.