So, I'm currently waiting on Soylent and DIY and my weight is up 5 lbs and body fat is around 20% again!


Confirms my eating habits aren’t the best…


I feel guilty for ‘liking’ this but I can definitely relate.

And one downside of Soylent is that I feel so good about my eating choices now that when I run out I’ll dive straight into the worst of diets until I have to start letting the belt out again


Yep and the thing about this is I don’t drink any soda or eat candy of any kind 99.9% of the time and fast food like burgers and fries etc is very rare as well…

It’s mostly just high carbs/high fat…Like 2 bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, pizza or hotdogs or sub/hogie of some kind for lunch and pasta something for dinner.

All of that is almost completely based on convenience. I work in an office and I grab stuff to eat close to work…No time to prep or bring food from home with 2 kids etc etc…Single dad.

I still only weight about 165 but it’s amazing how much better I feel and look and act on Soylent or my DIY of choice. It’s ridiculous how fast my body starts getting unhealthy when I’m off the stuff.