So is this stuff shipping in a timely manner yet?


Last time I was here new orders were still taking over 4 months to ship.


Yes, the official timeline is that shipments are made 2-3 days after an order is placed now. All backlogs have been cleared and they are shipping on a regular schedule now.

Here is the “official” word from this thread:


Shipping delays were eliminated three months ago. A+ shipping turnaround, great improvement.


Orders ship within 2-3 days, BUT it can take a week after that for the Soylent to be delivered. Still some room for improvement on that front.


Just to play devil’s advocate, it’s been 4 days and I haven’t received a shipping notification. However, it’s still going to be way way less than 4 months.


I’ve had a monthly subscription for a few months now and in my experience I’ve received a shipping notification the day before and (once) the day of my package’s arrival. Could be a coincidence.


So I ordered last Friday. Here it is a week later and the only status on Fedex is “label created”

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Please contact our CS team:


I ordered 2 weeks worth at 3 PM on Wednesday. It shipped on Thursday and FedEx says it’ll get here on Saturday.


Thanks for the update, laptop!

Disregard Archangel’s negativity. Archangel is known to be a pessimist.


I made a first time order on june first and it was delivered midday yesterday. (Im in Washington State)
Definitely not 2-3 days, but still fairly reasonable.
Im just hoping that if I order more now after trying it, I’ll get it in before I run out of this one week supply xD


Just to clarify, I believe the “RL promise” of 2-3 business days is processing time on Soylent’s end, and then the shipping carrier takes over, which Soylent has no guarantee about. Is that correct, @Conor?


Shipping from CA to WA took 2 days, the rest was waiting for it to ship :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I think the 2-3 days was processing time in their end.


Why ever would I be negative? Back last year they were failing repeatedly to meet their ship dates. The first time I ordered last year There was already a 4 month wait, two months into it the wait was extended for another 2-3 months. I discovered that those delay extensions were common. I give them another chance and it’s been a week and my order is still sitting in label created and has not shipped.

So you can charge in on your white horse defending their honor all you want, you just look silly.

I guess the new definition of “pessimist” is “someone who expects a company to deliver on it’s promises”

Something these guys have failed to do twice so far with me.


Dude, they are trying to get you straightened out. They had a big rush due to 1.5 release and Conor gave you the email address to contact (11 hours ago as of me writing this).

Chill out. They aren’t failing you or anything. They will certainly get it to you well within your required 4 month window that you stated. (likely within a few days)

There is no need for such animosity.


Why would I have animosity towards a company that has failed both times I’ve dealt with them?

It’s funny have they have fanboys just like video games and other forms of entertainment.


I reactivated my subscription to get some 1.5 to try. The subscription date is the 6th, was charged on the 7th and 1.5 hit my door on the 10th.

@Archangel, one thing I have noticed is that the order often sits in “label created” well after it has actually shipped. Like, days. So that may not be the best indicator. I’ve had stuff show up and then gone to reload the FedEx site to see it go from “label created” straight to “delivered.”

It also probably matters where you live and where they are shipping to you from. Where I live, transit time from where they ship currently is 1-2 days so I do tend to get it very quickly now. Depending on where you live, Monday or Tuesday of next week might be a reasonable expectation.

But definitely contact their customer service team as suggested and see if something happened to your order. That’s what they’re there for.

If @Archangel thought that he was going to receive his order in 2-3 days, that was probably just a misunderstanding and is not realistic expectation.

It’s clear that the 2-3 days figure is the time between ordering and shipping, not the time between ordering and delivery. For the total, 4-12 days is probably more realistic, depending on distance and order timing (i.e. ordering on a Friday likely results in the order straddling two weekends).

It might be worth holding off for a few more days (and getting in touch with them as requested) before deciding they’ve failed. I’m the last one to pretend they didn’t have massive fulfillment issues that could easily have ruined them; I waited something like 16 months for my first shipment. But they really have done an enormous amount of work to improve the situation. It’s not like they’re sitting around with weeks long delays saying “It’s good enough! Suck it!”


The wording has been confusing. It was 48 hours processing from our end with shipping mostly happening with in a 5 day window depending on proximity to a distribution hub. We are working on language to clarify the shipping timeline.


And do you count weekends in the 48 hours? (Probably not; I don’t think FedEx does weekend pickups unless you’re Amazon.)


Anytime a company lists (days) (hours) (whatever unit of time), I always take that to mean “business days”. (a.k.a. weekdays)