So it begins, DIY!


So here’s my first attempt at DIY Soylent, its modified form of Men’s Basic Complete Nutrition (Chocolate) - 1600. My friend and I are using JoMoGo! 1.0


Ignore the ViSalis Vi-Shape in the background…


I just posted this elsewhere, but it will apply here too.

I have been doing my recipe for a few months now and am still loving it, and constantly improving upon it. I’m so glad I went for it rather than just waiting for Soylent to ship, the learning and personal growth (and shrinkage) I have gotten doing DIY have been a lot of fun, and something I wouldn’t have found simply buying a complete product. I expect to be doing this for life, it is awesome to finally have nutrition done well, cheap, and easy.

Good luck in your journey, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have my own.


I love it! Lookin’ good!


Thanks for the encouragement. I went and got blood work done today so hopefully I can chart a change in my body with Soylent/DIY.