So it's been about a year since I ordered and have heard nothing. My card was charged, though


I ordered about a year ago; maybe more. No updates, no forecasted delivery date. It says my next billing cycle is in 2022. I e-mailed customer service maybe six or more months back and they just told me it’d be several more weeks before it’s ready. I got an e-mail from Soylent saying they’re hiring more customer service people.
Tried to leave a bad review on Yelp but it doesn’t show up in a search. Soylent is not registered with the BBB so can’t file a complaint. They seem to be spending more time hiring people to pacify angry customers and keeping bad feedback under wraps then producing/supplying product.
Didn’t see a customer service tab on my account page and when I Googled “Soylent Customer Service” this was all that came up.
If you’re thinking of buying grab your money and run.


Can you help this person?


In addition to tagging @Conor, email

They caught up on back orders a month ago. Meaning, unfortunately, you dropped through the cracks. Sorry.

The good news: you will soon find out that their customer service is MUCH improved from sixonths ago.


I get great pleasure out of giving businesses good reviews. If you look at my yelp account about 90%+ of my reviews are perfect fives. I consider getting what I pay for on time the ideal transaction. I’m not one of those people who loves causing a scene. But Soylent has been a debacle for a long time. It has been by far the WORST buying experience and customer service experience of my life.
I e-mailed the address you gave me. Hopefully after all of this unreasonable amount of time I’ve had to wait this will FINALLY be resolved.


No, we heard you the first time. You have reason to be upset. No need to rile yourself up in a second post. :smile:


FYI: I found a bad review from you on Yelp left in 2014, so I’m not sure why you didn’t find it. Sorry about the problem you had.


Maybe next time something like this happens you should just contact customer service again when a cursory glance of the site shows they’re caught up on orders. Instead of, you know, ranting at a bunch of random people here, dumping angry directionless sentences into the formless nether.


Heh, basket case indeed.


email us at, explain your situation and one of our CS reps will gladly sort you out. I apologize about the issues.


Thank you for flagging me.


I work customer service for a very large company. You can’t fix issues that are unknown :imp: Soylent has pretty awesome CS, especially now that a lot of the growing pains are out of the way, so they’ll get you fixed up.


Wow, a lot of you guys are making this really personal. I’ve been having issues for an extended period of time so me being pissed is entirely justified and well deserved. Especially at the height of this issue, the Facebook page was littered with people just as angry as I was/am. Perhaps if you had the history I had you wouldn’t be so quick to name call.
I posted on these forums because when I logged in and looked for a customer service information and didn’t see it. I then googled “Soylent Customer Service” and it sent me here.
I actually had to create the Yelp page because I couldn’t find one. I kept on checking to see if it would show up in a search because Yelp has to approve it. I was able to share the link on their page and drive some traffic to it.
So before you guys flip out, name call and be counter productive, perhaps you should think about what could cause a reasonable person to get so angry. @ravenvii, The username I picked because when I was younger I was a big Green Day fan. Thanks for using it to take shot at me, though. It says a lot about your character.
I’m done following this. I got what I needed and I got mobbed for no good reason.


To take a step back, 5 people posted helpful responses or posts sympathetic to your frustrations, and 3 people had negative posts. I’d hardly says that qualifies as being mobbed.

And, I’m fairly certain @Conor will resolve the issue. So: win!

(I can’t speak for the three with negative posts. But They may have been avoided if your first post didn’t end with

Not claiming they were right, but in some people’s mind that constitutes trolling, as opposed to trying to resolve a real, and frustrating, problem.

Regardless, glad the problem has finally been taken care of. Cheers!


I flagged one of the negative posts for you… That was uncalled for of them. You couldn’t have known about those issues unless you were reading and writing on the forums as often as us. There was a technical issue some months ago that caused many orders to slip through the cracks sadly. Right now the customer service and shipping are working almost perfect compared to back then. But if people still have not recieved their product they need to contact them like you have. Mistakes happen, but there is no ill intent.