So new, and so confused on the numbers


I’ve been looking into DIY soylent for a little while, and decided to follow this recipe :

I am a small female, 5’0 and of normal weight so I thought this one would fit perfectly.
I purchased all ingredients and started to compare the nutrient contents to make sure it all matched up. But honestly nothing is making sense to me, AT ALL. Let me give you an example.
NOW Potassium Gluconate. On the spreadsheet, it says to take 17 grams, which will result in 0.540 grams of potassium.
Okay. So I look at what my bottle says. It says serving size is 1.74g and that contains 270mg of potassium… Hm. I realize I’m pretty bad at math but no matter what I angle I look at it, i cant seem to make it all add up. If I take 17g of this stuff, according to the bottle, I will have taken 2.64g of potassium? That’s way more than what the spreadsheet says. And this is just one ingredient. Almost every single other one is this way as well. PLEASE someone call me out and tell me how stupid I am if this is the case. Tell me how to correct this. I would like to get started making this stuff but I refuse to until I understand how it works and how much I should be mixing.


The confusion is most likely a discrepancy between the Serving Size of the ingredients in the recipe, and the Serving Size of the ingredients themselves (could be from differing package sizes if the ingredients are the same?).

In each case, go according to the serving size of the ingredient that you’ve bought, and update your recipe / formula to match. Everything should end up evening out after that.

Also keep in mind most of those recipes are made by another DIYer, so could be inaccurate in some way or another. Easiest way to play it safe is to go with what’s on the bottle in your hand :grin:


Yeah, I guess I’m so confused because for the items that have links, I bought the exact things that are on the list, no differences. So it should match up perfectly. I guess I will need to basically start from scratch with these ingredients to figure up exactly how much of each thing I need to meet all nutritional targets.


When you click on the ingredients in the list on the left, I think it’s safe to ignore the number that comes under Total - it’s a bug mentioned in another thread.

If you slide the page across, the number under Potassium for the Potassium Gluconate is 2.416g, not exactly right, but a lot closer to what you’re expecting.


Wow I’m so happy for this. I have been going insane trying to figure out what was wrong. (Even having issues with my own spreadsheet.) So glad to know it is a little error with the total, and not me completely screwing up. Thanks a lot!


I use the same Potassium source; I’m getting 2.64g for 17g as well, so you were right. When in doubt, always trust the numbers on the container that you have. This isn’t an ingredient that will likely lead to any trouble, but it is worrisome that the diysoylent calculation was so far off.