So Soylent is sponsing a Geek & Sundry Twitch stream Monday!

So I just saw a post on Geek & Sundry’s facebook page that they’re doing a Fallout 4 stream this Monday sponsered by Soylent starting at 5am PST! For those interested, it’ll be at

Fallout 4 Livestream Presented By Soylent

It’s the end of the world as we know it… Prepare for the post-apocalyptic future by watching our Fallout 4 livestream presented by Soylent This Monday November 9th 5AM

Posted by Geek & Sundry on Friday, November 6, 2015
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That’s pretty cool! I love the show Tabletop on Geek & Sundry.

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They will have a some very cool prizes to give out!


Oh this is neat! I will have to stop by and watch.

20% off coupon code for new subscriptions (discount code “FALLOUT”), plus they are giving away free Soylent during the stream.

This code is still active as of a few minutes ago. (You can’t test coupon codes before ordering; I was feeling adventurous.)

I use Soylent, I love Tabletop and other Geek & Sundry shows, and I play Last Night on Earth and participate in thezombiegame forum. I find it extremely eerie that this post and sponsorship exists. Soylent, are you stalking me? :slight_smile: