So, we're hitting some hard ceilings


First and foremost, my sincere congratulations to the Soylent team for managing a million dollar project while keeping it thoroughly indie and scientific. Even if, down the line, we discover that Soylent won’t work, your effort at keeping things open will have been above and beyond any corporation. It’s refreshing and very welcome.

Now the important part:

We have found that Pea Protein is not available at the scale we

So, you broke the pea protein market? Is this sustainable in the long term? Will this be a bigger problem if Soylent usage grows even further?


Presumably only a temporary problem, as I imagine industry would shift its efforts to meet the new demand, and Soylent Corp. would change its ingredient list to conform to what is agriculturally possible.


My DIY mix is going to rely on isomaltulose (palatinose) … only one place to buy it at all, thru Amazon, and they appear to be very very low… but mine is waiting in the apartment managers’ office.


I believe they just got rid of pea protein all together and now just mix in the missing BCAA’s by themselves.


Do you have a source for that?


It’s in the blog entry you linked;

“To compensate for this, we had to source and integrate pure Lysine into the formula, so everyone will get their complete amino acid profile.”


That doesn’t mean they got rid of it completely. It means they’re using Lysine but alongside pea protein or as a substitute?


Good question; @JulioMiles?


I wonder what they are using

…and a good low DE (dextrose equivalent) maltodextrin


Hemp protein is excellent as well.