So you put salt in your soylent?


I didn’t used to put salt in my soylent since I figured just about any food in the US has already too much sodium in it anyways, but the convenience of soylent might me inch closer and closer to being only on soylent. Also iodized salt is my only iodine source, so I figured it’s time to through it in …

Instead of the 4g of the recipe I just put in 2g, wow that’s a lot of salt … the soylent tasted like a toxic chemical witch cocktail, for sure like someone tried to poison me … I couldn’t drink it and had to throw out the batch …

The 14g of potassium gluconate also give it a really chemical taste, I can handle around 8g …

How do you handle the salts, does it not bother you?



I have 2.3g in mine and it doesn’t taste salty. I’ve even been considering putting more in, because I’ve been craving salt like mad this last week. (Though that may have been the two hours of hard sweaty workout followed by 8 hours in a sauna…)

Maybe something in yours already has salt added? Are you using any pre-flavored mixes? I noticed mine is a little more noticeably salty since using vanilla protein powder instead of unflavored. It also seemed more salty when I tried pea protein. Or possibly the potassium gluconate has a salty tasty? I use potassium citrate in mine, which is a bit salty but only requires 1g for the entire recipe so it doesn’t really mess with much.


This is my current recipe:

So potassium citrate only needs 1g vs 14g gluconate? I always saw gluconate in recipes so I went with that one, time to figure out which potassium to go with :slight_smile:


As @Peanut said, your vanilla bean powder is probably contributing to saltiness in your mix. I use a pretty large amount of KCl in mine (5g a day), but haven’t noticed any problems with saltiness in general. Then again, baking with all sorts of spices might mitigate the sense of salt.

If your MegaMen boasts that it “includes electrolytes,” then it’s a safe bet that there’s salt in it of some kind…


I did a comparison of the Mega Men Sport vs the Mega Men Nutrition. Amounts were for “One serving” With the sport being 36 g and the nutrition being 34 g. Sport has more ingredients.

The Sport has 150 mg of chloride listed on the label but no sodium.
The Nutrition has 75 mg of sodium listed on the label but no chloride.

What scale are you using?

I tried soylent when i first started but did not add the potassium, choline, or salt as i didnt have it. IT didnt tastes good. After i added these it had a fuller flavor. Is your “Garden of Life” kinda salty?


I looked at the GoL nutrition label. As it says, it’s a “raw” product made almost entirely of dried plant matter, mostly fruit. Didn’t look like I’d find a salt culprit on that label. Perhaps the dried papaya?


That garden of life looks pretty nice.

Looking at your amounts,you don’t really need 4 grams of salt (do you feel that you do?), i made a copy and was able to cut the salt down to 1.5 grams with out going under.


3.8g of Iodized Sea Salt, as well as 6g of Potassium Citrate in my recipe, I don’t notice any saltiness. I do notice the saltiness of muggle meals more now though.


I use Potassium salt (KCl) in mine. It has more Potassium / gram than any other solution at about 50% It is the cheapest way I’ve found, and this way you only need 6.8g/day. compared to ~20g of potassium gluconate. And since that covers the Cl, I use monosodium phosphate to cover sodium and phosphorous.

I eat a lot of salt and vinegar chips, so getting enough K to balance that is important. I started using it in place of NaCl all together, otherwise. has it super cheap.


Oh, whoops, no. I just double-checked my numbers and they were waaay off. (When am I going to learn not to just go with the first listing for a thing I find on the site?) Turns out I should have been putting 9g in there. Haven’t been getting muscle cramps, though, so at least there’s that.

I’ll report back, re: saltiness once I make my next batch with the proper amount.


I’m using this scale for <5g measurements (salt, nootropics):

And this one for bulkier ingredients:

If I reduce it to 1.5g I drop under the DV, do you want to share the copy that you made and adjusted?

Garden of Life is nice but it is funky in my stomach and has 100% iron, since masa harina und any other crop already has a ton of iron I switched to Mega Men (iron free), just silly that both GoL and Mega already have 100% Manganese, it’s as if they can’t figure out how to make it without manganese since any crop you eat already has more than enough and apparently it doesn’t serve any purpose but is simply toxic … (according to some post on this board that I’m too lazy to dig up)

I should give KCl a shot, the sodium can come from quinoa flour… any thoughts about bio-availability? Someone told me PotassiumCitrate is the easiest to absorb and someone wrote on this board that it is good against kidney stones (in case of calcium overconsumption)


Glad you found the wrong amounts, happens all the time with ingredients coming from the database, I have the feeling the Omegas in the hemp seed oil were all wrong (didn’t match what the bottle said) so I switched to fish oil:

Note the small amount of white flour (you can use oat or rye or whatever if you’re afraid of gluten), it acts as an emulsifier and makes the blend super smooth and way more drinkable than only masa harina … best trick in the house imo :smile:


Have no idea what i was thinking or looking at at the time. You are right the numbers dont work under 4 g.