SoCal ingredient sale


Alrighty folks, been on a DIY for a week, it’s something I can’t do. I’ll probably keep using the normal Soylent (I think I’ve been conditioned haha).

That being said, I can sell some ingredients. They are only missing a weeks worth amount. Here’s my recipe:

I’m located in SoCal, my ZIP code is 92656. I’ll sell them at 65% of the price listed. I’ll update this thread on what’s been sold. First come first serve!

Also, the oat flour comes with a fancy container that holds 50lbs and is air tight. (found here


Just out of curiosity. What is it about DIY you don’t want to do if your willing to keep drinking Soylent?

Is your texture/taste worse than the official or the prep time to much?


The texture is better than the official. The taste is not as good (sweet) but offers a relatively more oatmeal taste. The prep time is alot if one only prepares for each meal individually, I would recommend making a weeks batch in a large enough container and then taking meals from that.


Busho: I agree that has been my experience with DIY also. That is why I was curious when you said:

I like the more customizable nature of DIY, I feel mine tastes better, is healthier, and cheaper than Soylent. The work involved isn’t bad when I prepare a week at a time, but gathering the ingredients is a bit of a pain compared to having Soylent delivered. Right now I am trying to decide if I am going to reorder when my month runs out or just go back to DIY.

Since you seem to have made that decision I was just looking for what your reasons were to see if they resonated with my experience.

Sorry, I would buy your oats but driving to Vegas is about as close to SoCal as I get. Hopefully someone down near you will pick everything up, it looks like a good deal.


Still up for sale! Just send a PM.