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Here’s my story:

Being the son of legal Mexican immigrants who migrated in the late 1970’s…

Okay, maybe that is going too far back. But my food issues go all the way back to being a child. Having a loving, but smothering, Mexican mother has caused me to be big all of my life as she fed me to satiation and beyond. As an adult, it has developed into serious food issues including anorexia and hardcore binging.

For the last few years, it has gotten worse as I have attended college at night and worked in the day. It seems Soylent’s target market, at least for now, seems characterized as being a little more white collar so I probably don’t have to tell you that college is no walk in the park. My daily schedule has been something like this: wake up at 4:00am, no breakfast, work until 2:30pm, grab no less than six Mcdoubles from McDonalds for lunch and dinner, then go to class or study from 4:00pm until 10:00pm or until sleep; repeat. You read that right. I have lived off of six double cheeseburgers from McDonalds for almost six years. They’re cheap and filling.

When I heard about Soylent on The Colbert Report, I saw it as a stay from what is surely a death sentence for me. Now a month from graduation (summer school [bachelor’s degree]), I have obtained a long-hour exempt managerial position and my schedule is not relinquishing anytime soon. I can sympathize with every single reason why Rob Rhinehart has created Soylent. I have no time, no money, and no energy to eat better. I’m currently 6’5”, 395 lbs., unwilling to cook, and also incapable of portion control.

No doubt as a result of my big frame, I have developed serious health issues including labor breathing as well as back and knee problems. I have found comfort in God and while the Bible says that thanks should be given for things that come from him (implying meat), through my own weakness, that type of food is killing me. I pray for this company and its customers who find themselves imprisoned by food.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom; I ordered about two weeks ago and I am super excited. I hope to be a Soylent, and American, success story and look forward to seeing other stories from the community. God bless.

I am planning to post my progress in this thread.


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Anyway, enough doom and gloom; I ordered about two weeks ago and I am super excited. I hope to be a Soylent, and American, success story and look forward to seeing other stories from the community.[/quote]
Good luck! Bear in mind that there are still very many people who have ordered Soylent, so it might not arrive for a while. (Also, are you entirely sure that McDonald’s cheeseburgers came from God? :stuck_out_tongue: they seem pretty demonic to me…)


Oh wow :3 almost 400 pounds

If you do like @DrRighteous who was almost 300 pounds, I am sure you will drop a lot of those pounds in a short time. He has been losing almost 1 pound a day.

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Good luck to you.

Since it’ll be at the least a couple of months before you get your first Soylent, you might want to try one of the DIY small-s soylents at There are a number of different recipes and approaches being tinkered with and offered for sale there, available now. Maybe one or more of them will work for you. Some are even cheaper than Soylent, and at least one seller offers a sample size. (It’s got a discourse page like this one so you can read customer reviews of some of them, too.)

Don’t get me wrong, I expect you’ll like Soylent a lot once you get it, but the company’s still ramping up and you sound like you really need to cut down on cheeseburgers…


August 25, 2014. It has been just over two months since I placed my order. It feels like years! I’ve been eating fast food every single day. I feel like I am waiting for the Wonka golden ticket.

While you wait :slight_smile: I suggest you don’t eat fast food heh (wish I could tell myself that and listen) it will still be a few months before you get your Soylent since you placed your order so late :3 would suck if the fast food ended you the day your Soylent arrived


Good luck man, you’ve already demonstrated the ability to do some very difficult things…This is just another thing to add to the list.

6 McDoubles has ~2640 calories…For what that’s worth…:slight_smile:

Get a complete physical. It’ll be worth the price. Let the doctor{s} know your intentions. They’ll address any issues that came up during the physical and probably tell you to proceed slowly with Soylent or anything else like DIY you choose.

Whatever you decide, don’t give up…I don’t think that’s in your character anyway…:slight_smile:


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Just got a notice from Soylent that my order will be delayed another 4-6 weeks. I am a dead man. I have not felt this deprived of a product I wanted to buy since there were shortages of Microsoft Xbox 360s in 2005.

My diet looks something like this right now:

20% Subway
50% Burger fast food joints like Burger King
20% Pizza fast food joints
9% Some other type of restaurant
1% Prepackaged foods and snacks
0% Home cooked or fresh meals

I highly recommend They have an excellent variety and you should be able to get your product within two weeks of order date. Hang in there, we all want success for you!


When you do an internet search for Soylent, you now see these articles from self-described nutritional experts criticizing Soylent. I understand their point. I’ve taken nutrition and health classes and I understand the idea of a proper/ideal diet; the model that looks something like: 6 servings of bread, 4 servings of vegetables, 3 servings of fruit, etc. But they miss the point. Soylent is trying to provide a solution for people like me who are having massive trouble implementing that kind of diet, believe me I have tried. What they fail to realize is that some of us live lives where food is a pain in the ass.


So after a long delay and an additional delay notice, it has been enough to inspire a bit of buyer’s remorse. Back in June, I subscribed to a month’s worth and also a week’s worth for my wife. Now that I got my BS and things have calmed down, I have begun to do grocery shopping. I have found enough of a solution to my eating out that I cancelled my month’s worth. Originally, I planned to consume Soylent for 90% of my diet but now I plan to use the week’s worth as a beta on what to do with my diet.

Very glad to hear you are doing okay! Congrats on the degree!!

I’m back, Soylent! Long story short: I fell off the wagon while waiting for my first shipment, cancelled completely, did okay for a while, now I am back to junk food. I re-subscribed just in time for improved shipping! Can’t wait!

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In fact, I’m sorry to say that the typical-buying-groceries experience failed so bad that I bought from a competitor while waiting for my first Soylent shipment. I am also trying a popular powder mix that hails itself as the #1 supplement recommended by doctors while the Soylent counterpart arrives. The Soylent competitor is only taking a week to arrive but is more expensive.

You don’t have to beat around the bush regarding competitors. What were the competitor product and powder mix you got?


“competitors” are fellow soylenteers :smiley:


For now I am drinking Ensure which I know is not sustainable and I ordered Space Nutrients which I don’t really feel the same brand quality as I get from Soylent to be honest, but it should be here within a week according to them. I am super eager to change my diet.

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Yep. But it should be fine for a temporary fix, I think.

Shoutout to @axcho and his DIY, I’ve pretty much only heard good things about Schmoylent and Custom Body Fuel. Haven’t tried it though, and I really need to stop promoting his stuff for free

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Yeah, what are you thinking? Cut it out! :wink: