Social Justice Warriors on Soylent


Lunch breaks don’t work this way. For my IT jobs I was scheduled 8-5, which included an hour off for lunch. So that’s “working” 8-12(4 hours) and then 1-5(4 more hours). If an employer officially got rid of lunch then they’d need to schedule me from 8-4 or 9-5 to keep me at a scheduled 8 hours a day. Which frankly I’d rather work those hours anyway.

Now they could just do the 8-5 schedule and social pressure you into not taking your lunch break, but there’s nothing stopping them from doing that anyway. All they have to do is cater food to their employees(order in pizza), which happens during crunch times at certain places anyway.

Soylent really isn’t changing anything here.


[quote=“dstaley, post:18, topic:12329”]
Let’s say you work in a competitive work environment where people’s talent and skill is measured by their output.[/quote]

You don’t say. :slight_smile: And here I thought what was important was in the workplace was your zodiac sign.

When did productivity or trying to be better at your job start being evil? What should we be doing instead?


Could we not use these forums to mock people? Doubly so if those individuals have a point? (Neal Stephenson predicted the poor would be fed with sludge while the rich alone could afford proper food, right? Jetta_Rae isn’t the first to see a potential dystopian tie-in.)

I’m not agreeing that Soylent == dystopia (obviously, if I’m taking part in this experiment, too), but I am really frustrated at the tone of this whole discussion. I expect the Soylent community to be a decent place, where we can share ideas and disagree like adults, not yet another playground for bullying on the internet.


Maybe I’m just missing something, but I’m just not seeing what you are. There are a couple of posts that I could agree with you on, but in general this discussion has been civil and adult. Even discussing the ideas she put out on Twitter, but in a far more civil way than she herself did, I do see a bully, but it is Jetta Rae.

The OP was meant to be humorous, after all, the discussion on her Twitter was generally pretty ridiculous, and it can be interesting and entertaining to see views of those so far removed from the rest of us. I know I got a chuckle, then just had to shake my head at what I had seen, it really is something to behold. I have no idea who she is, and have never heard of her before, and I really don’t expect I will ever here of her again based on what I saw there.

The link in the OP certainly shows a vitriol that would match what it looks like you are claiming to see here, but again, I just don’t see it here.


Posting a link so that people can laugh at someone is bullying, full stop.

Furthermore, “Social Justice Warrior” is a slur.

So OP is acting like a bully. No amount of protesting that it’s “humor” makes that untrue. Bullies use humor all the time.

But it’s not just the OP throwing around slurs; other quotes from people in this thread: “race-baiter” and “I don’t think this person has been within 10 miles of logic before” and “imbecile of epic proportions.”

There is lots of civil and adult here, with some good points raised, and I’m sorry for not acknowledging that in my post, but there’s a lot of name-calling and vitriol, too. The fact that the discussion’s title/subject line is insulting is probably making the bad behavior of some people stick out more than it otherwise would, but this whole thing has left a really bad taste in my mouth.

… Which is something the Soylent community doesn’t stand behind, right? :wink:


@anonynamja Ignore it namja. Good job pointing this out to us, It’s always good to see how other people view Soylent. You didn’t say anything harsh, you just provided a link and let nature take its course.



Furthermore, her own statements are racist at their root. Its racist because soylent supposedly targets poor people? So she is saying that all poor people are POC? Her statements were not logical or based in reality and certainly not based on anything even remotely resembling facts. So because of what some guy said about a dystopian world it gives this persons statements some credence and she should be allowed to spew such ridiculous unfounded statements without being called out and told how ridiculous and unfounded they actually are? I don’t think so.


I guess I just don’t see an elite team of hackers caring if they fit in or not, they are the elite.

I think I’m turning into an old man, because at this point when I see arguments like this I just think to myself, “There are some people that see injustice in everything and are destined to be unhappy” I can’t find any other way to rationalize the arguments made, maybe it’s just because I hope that people aren’t as weak as Jetta seams to think they are.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I don’t think this is bullying; it is discourse. Maybe not civil discourse, maybe not as serious and humble as some folks may expect or feel is necessary.

I hate how everyone’s feelers are so easily hurt these days. I was bullied as a child and this is not bullying.


I agree. I would say that calling someone racist with zero facts to back it up more so bullying than calling that person out for saying it.


Haha, if only what she’s saying is true, currently Soylent is only for the wealthy.

For most of the world it costs more than all utility(+internet) bills combined per month.


I know it’s not nice to mock the afflicted, but smugly preening that not “everyone is as literate on intersectionality as me” is comedy gold.


I pay $31.99/mo USD for 1Mbps/128KBps cable. And that is just internet - phone is separate.

To be fair, this is the lowest tier service offered in my area, and higher tiers are a better value. But I can’t quote prices because the website doesn’t publish them - only ‘introductory’ rates, for new customers only, which are stated to expire after 6 months.

So yeah, a little different.


Their argument is completely false

@dstaley you won’t need an hour lunch when you can just drink a shake in three. This will only be used for evil.

Is she suggesting that a typical lunch break is an hour because it takes an hour to eat lunch?
I promise you 99% of people on a “Lunch” break, do not take even 20 minutes to finish consuming whatever it is they planned on eating. Yes i know some people drive home for lunch, but that is irrelevant.

Also, the last couple places i worked with an hour “Lunch” Break, didnt even pay you for that hour, so i fail to see why any business would care what you did during that time, let alone how much of it you spent eating.


The most I have gotten at any job was 30 minutes. I was in food service for a decade. You would get 5 - 10 minutes at a time to eat your meal and half the time it was cold by the time you got done. I am hoping that twitter person is actually satire.


My lunch break is 30 mins unpaid but the workforce collectivly sneeks in an extra 10


I get an hour lunch. But it is spent entirely at the gym. I eat lunch during my 15 min break.


Forbidding posting to stifle debate is called censorship.


I left this thread alone, because people were being willfully ignorant about what bullying is and the difference between discussing ideas and behaving offensively toward a person. I decided trying to participate was not worth my time, which is obviously true.

But you have a lot of gall to accuse me (a freaking librarian and member of both the ACLU and EFF, not that you bothered checking) of CENSORSHIP? What the hell, dude? I am not the government. I am not a forum mod. And even if I were, I am not preventing anyone from expressing themselves, merely pointing out that by doing so in the way they have chosen, quite a few of the commenters in this thread are choosing to be JERKS. In other words, I am using my free expression. As is my right.

Or are you suggesting that right only belongs to libertarian men who are picking on a woman behind her back?


Agree with @web_kunoichi and @dstaley this has gone completely off the rails.

Please read the community guidelines:

Treat other people you encounter on the Internet with respect. They are human beings, just like us.