SodaStream experiences?

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I’m reading about the product right now. Is there something beneficial about carbonated water? Is it just for people who like the taste of soda but don’t want the calories?

It’s kind of a wash according to Wikipedia. Nothing too bad, but nothing great either.

I only drink it because I like fizzy water.


Woah, that’s the first Wikipedia page I’ve seen with gifs on it.

I’m easily impressed…


I like carbonated water much more than flat water, even without added flavors and calories.


I for one can’t stand the taste of straight carbonic acid. Needs some sort of flavoring in it. My favorite is barely and hops flavored. If there’s some alcohol in there it’s even better.

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I have a Soda Stream at home. There are tons of flavours for it, so I get to have my Orange soda, and the coke drinkers get their cola.

I could not imagine any health benefits, I certainly dont use it for them, but it is quite convenient.

Speaking of soda, has anyone tried Soda Stream?

I’m a fan of soft drinks like Mtn Dew, Pepsi. I’m dropping them now that I’ve started on Soylent, but it would be nice to have a soda-ish solution that is healthy, so I’m thinking about trying this out…

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I have long been tempted to buy a SodaStream, but my wife, who is not enamored with gadgets as I am, simply points out that is a cool way to distract you from the fact that you are drinking sugar and food coloring. If it is variety that you want, there are cheaper ways to carbonate water and infuse them with fruit juices…

It would be great if you could carbonate juices, but you can’t. All it carbonates is water. Much easier to just buy carbonated water.


Will it become alcoholic?

(From what I understand, yeast consumes sugar, and the two waste products are carbon dioxide and alcohol? …which is how beer is made I think?)

Well, darn. I was hoping for alcohol. :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding!)

It’s easier to buy carbonated water, but it reduces footprint and cost to carbonate your own.

Unless you’re just planning on drinking straight carbonated water, SodaStream seems like it would just encourage you to overconsume soda, which is pretty unhealthy. I’ve battled soda addiction before and it’s not something to take lightly.

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Health-wise it’s probably slightly healthier, but it can get pretty expensive from what I’ve read.

Yeah, I looked at SodaStream maybe a couple years ago, and I concluded that it was easier and cheaper to buy carbonated water at the store. Unless carbonated water has become more expensive, or SodaStream has become much cheaper, I doubt that has changed. Your results may vary.


I drink just straight carbonated water. It satisfies my soda jones.

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Soda Streams are great but they have an initial capital cost of $100 plus ongoing supplies. You can buy “Club Soda” in 2 liter bottles for under $1.

That’s 200+ liters (1,600 servings) of carbonated water for the same money that would buy you a Soda Stream but no flavors and no water filter. The initial tank of CO2 is included, after that it’s extra. Useful and cool things like the Soda Stream have a finite service life. Dunno what it is but certainly YMMV.

Love the fizz. As a kid I’d chug CocaCola the way frat-boys chug beer. Nowadays, there’s still the occasional Diet Coke, but it’s mostly club soda, often with a wedge of lemon or lime. It may be an acquired taste, but always liked lemon and still get my fizz.

After too many words, the message here is: Buy a 2-liter club soda and try it with a serving of Soylent in the privacy of your own home. Wash your hands afterwords.


I was under the impression it could be used to carbonate juices and milk as well, but I could be thinking of something else.

Yeah, that would be great, but no, SodaStreams only carbonate water. You add flavor syrup after the carbonation step. So you could carbonate Soylent by carbonating the water before adding the powder. Might be hard to mix the powder in, though.