Solar Foods - protein from H20, CO2, and electricity

Just learned about a Finnish startup called Solar Foods that’s working on a process for making protein from water, CO2, and electricity.

Since I learned about Solar Foods, I found out there are two more companies working on similar projects. The Spoon has been in my feed reader a while and it is a great one to keep up with food news:

I first learned of Solar Foods through another interesting project of its founder Lauri Reuter, A bioreactor for the consumer market that can grow whatever plant cell much more quickly than the plant. You feed it sugar, so the process saves time at the cost of energy, and the market for the more expensive plant derived compounds, like THC, Morphine etc, might be impacted in interesting ways:

Check out Lauri Reuter’s talks on the future of food, I rarely watch video, but his talks are worth the time: