SOLD (For sale: 3 weeks + 6 days of official Soylent)


I received my month’s worth a few days ago and have opened one pouch + one oil bottle. I want to sell the rest asap if possible. $245. I have washed, but not used the pitcher - I’ll include it with purchase of the whole quantity. I did use the scoop - if you want it, I’ll include that too, after a run through the dishwasher.


I’ll take it. I’ll send you an email…

Edit: Actually, looks like I’m not able to send a private message. Shoot me an email - k1@**********.com



I’ve sent you an email. Thanks!


Email hasn’t come through yet - it’s a new account I created for posting on forums so maybe it wasn’t set up yet when you sent the email. Can you send it again?



Why are you choosing to stop, by the way?


I’ll buy it w/ the scoop and all. Shoot me an email … paypal?


Although I have eagerly awaited Soylent, unfortunately this formula just isn’t going to work for me, for 2 reasons: concerns about blood sugar and the smell/flavor.
I’m pre-diabetic - I’ve been watching the posts on blood sugar spikes and doing some research on maltodextrin. I have not found a definitive yes or no on maltodextrin, and I cannot take the risk.

I had resolved to experiment with sipping throughout the day rather than consuming a whole meal serving in a short time. But then I made my first batch this morning. After chilling it for a few hours, I took my first sip. To me, it seemed to have a chemical smell and flavor - not at all something I could eat.

I wish it worked for me the way it has for some people.


Sent you an email with my address. I’ll PayPal shortly.



Sorry Maragakis, I sold it already.


Thanks for the information. I know diabetics are one of the groups Soylent wants to support, so hopefully they can either confirm that it’s safe for diabetics it adjust the formula so that it is.


I hope so too! I will be keeping an eye on Soylent and hoping…


Reminder, Rosa Labs has requested that Official Soylent no longer be sold on this forum. Had I caught this sooner, i would have closed it.