[SOLD] Selling 3 wks Official Soylent $50/wk


Hey everyone,

So after waiting for over a year for my 1 month order, I get Soylent… and I can’t stand it. It’s not HORRIBLE… but in my opinion, it still needs a lot of work. In it’s current iteration, I’m not able to stomach it. The texture is a particular hanging point for me, even after letting a pitcher soak for 12 hours.

In the interest of not wasting, and helping out the <1 monthers, I’m selling my remaining weeks for $50/week. If anyone is interested in purchasing them, please let me know here or in a PM. I would prefer to sell to anyone near Madison, WI, but if you can cover shipping, I’m willing to send it wherever.


I may be interested.


i too would be interested in some. i can pay with paypal, and can cover the cost of shipping to southern california, plus some extra for your time, etc.


I’m still trying to figure out how this site works, but I’m definitely looking to try Soylent, I’d rather not have to wait over a year for a $65 week. I can pay the shipping, whatever you need.

I don’t have the funds for a subscription currently, but having my health play a constant demon in my mind. I would like to know if Soylent is something that I should be pursuing in the future.


I’d be very keen if you’re willing to post it to me. I’ll cover all the costs, of course.


Interested; sent you a PM with contact info.


If this is still available I would love to buy a week. Like others I would pay for shipping and include some extra for your time. I just created this account to reply here so I can’t send a PM yet (haven’t had anything meaningful to add to posts because I don’t have my Soylent yet). But you should be able to PM me if you have any left and I can send you all my contact info.


Did you try putting a couple of Tbsp. of cocoa powder in it. I didn’t like the taste that much when I first tried it, but with the cocoa powder it tastes great. It takes the edge off of the sweetness and you don’t get the after taste.


I’ll take a week, pm me, ill paypal asap


Thanks to everyone who offered to buy! All three weeks have been sold and are already shipped.

I did and I also tried the fancy vaporizer flavor “juice” that people were recommending. They both changed the flavor for the better which IMO wasn’t too bad in the first place. The big issues for me were the texture (far too gritty) and the heartburn (which I’m assuming is from the phytic acid in the raw oat flour). Those two things combined are enough to make me wait for the next version.


If @JulioMiles @Tesseract or @BoDuke could lock this thread now that my Soylent is sold, it would be much appreciated!


thread locked per OP’s request.