(SOLD-sorry boys early bird and all that) 2.0 for sale under msrp, for people close to kitsap, Washington


Hello im shipping out in a month or to to join the army and have a surplus of 12 boxes of 2.0 im looking to sell will sell well under msrp so throw me a offer and we will see, preferably close to kitsap washington, just dont want the stuff to go to waste while im deployed


$250 for 12 boxes unopened? hell i really dont give a damn just dont want to waste the stuff i love it so why not share it


lets say 200 if my maths right that’s about half price, just dont let me waste it ill be gone for at least a year if not longer :frowning:


I will pick it up for $200.


sweet, are you close to kitsap?


I will send you a private message with info.


sounds good boiyo, oh probably good to mention im not a serial killer :wink:


Can you be a cereal killer with Soylent?