Soliciting feedback on recipe -- female / ~1550 calories


Hi all!

I have just completed my very alpha version of a formula, and would love to get feedback before I start ordering any ingredients. I will admit relative ignorance to the whole shebang, and while I am enthusiastic, I know that doesn’t replace expertise/reading.

Here is the formula:

I made some adjustments to daily values after researching whether some caps would be harmful or not/etc, and the only one that I can truly think of being iffy is niacin?

I am open to any and all suggestions/changes/etc, my only requirement being that the items have to be purchasable from Amazon.

I chose lower-carb and around1600 calories because I would like to cut some pounds.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, it’s nearing 3am! Thank you to any and all who might offer assistance. :slight_smile:

EDIT: 3pm PDT - Adjusted some values.


Vitamin B6, its my own personal villain, the science isn’t firm but some indications show it can be neurotoxic in megadoses even though its water soluble. Also, I would consider only taking the iron every other day.


Oh crap, I didn’t know that about B6. I was using the GNC Women’s Ultra Mega® Active powder before Alive, but found it inferior in most other ways. I will definitely read more on it; all sources would be appreciated!

I could do that, since it’s a pill, without much problem. Is there a particular reason why? Should I look for even smaller amounts of iron in pill form, and take that?

Thank you very much for the feedback, I appreciate it!


I think the iron thing I picked up on some discussion on the forum, basically at that level you’re towards the top and its one of the easier ones to go overboard on, and your body stores it (blood protein) and then recycles its own, so taking the UI everyday over time might overload you.

the b6 thing, again nothing solid but the sources aren’t exactly woowoo


I’m a tad concerned about the calorie count since 1550 calories is only just enough for a 160cm, 55kg girl (Sorry but I don’t deal with imperial very well)
If you’re interested in weight loss I’d recommend following the adage of eating for the body you want, by which I mean if you’re 180cm tall and want to weigh 60kg I’d aim at about 1750 calories, more still if you exercise at all.
If you’re trying to lose 10kg or more I’d probably do it in stages too, do 5kg over the next month and then another 5kg every month thereafter until you’re happy. It takes longer that way but it’s more likely to stick and it’s safer too.