Solid food cravings


I’ve had only 2 solid meals in the past week, but I still get cravings for the fast food I was “living” on. I wanted to live on Soylent for awhile to see what the difference is, but I’m craving solid food more than I thought I would. I’m going to try Mealsquares when they become available - it’s crowdfunding, so there might be a long wait again. In the meantime I’ll probably start eating solid meals once every day or so.


Soylent cookies :wink: does look alright :smiley: wonder how expensive they will be compared to Soylent


I can attest to Soylent cookies being freaking AWESOME. And I’ve only tried one kind… there are clearly many more ways to bake them if one is so inclined. I keep meaning to try a few different things like cookies, brownies, a cake… but so far haven’t actually gotten into the kitchen to do it.

But they definitely do “scratch the itch” to eat something other than Soylent.


A few people just eat a few nuts from time to time. If it is mostly meat cravings you can add some canola oil and see if that helps.


Today I mixed one metal Soylent scoop of PB2 (peanut butter powder, chocolate flavored), one scoop of Soylent powder, and one scoop of water to make yummy sandwiches.