Solid (non-Soylent) food is DELICIOUS


My partner and I got Soylent around a week ago. For the first few days we had it for breakfast and lunch but not for dinner because we would be with family and such for various events and things.

Then for the last two days I had pretty much just Soylent alone.
Until dinner today.

My partner and I went out on a dinner date to a steakhouse and I had salad first.

… Oh my god. It’s like I could taste every single individual flavor separately, and it was so SO delicious! I seriously think I enjoyed that salad more than I have ever enjoyed salad before in my LIFE and I have had some pretty good salads before!

Then came the steak.

mmmmmhhh… it… was… just… just… uuuhhhnnnngghhghghhh…

Every mouthful was like fireworks going off in my mouth. I had been to this steakhouse before, and ordered this same steak before, TWICE, and it had never been THIS delicious.

Oh my god. I’m in love. I had this look of utter bliss on my face for the entire meal, even our waitress noticed. I told her about Soylent and that it was tasting so much better probably thanks to it, and now she is looking into getting Soylent herself!

That’s right. Orgasms in my mouth sold Soylent to our waitress.


And this is how Soylentism was started


All hail Soylent… Giver of life… Giver of mouthgasms…


I have the same feeling with diy soylent.


I noticed that when I am eating solid food regularly, say once a day, that it goes away. It only happens after not eating solid food for at least like 2 days straight. I’m not sure.

I just really wanted to post this because I’ve been noticing so much negative stuff being posted about Soylent, when it really isn’t all negative and all of us aren’t having negative experiences! While I am experiencing an odd side effect here or there, I am over all very VERY happy to be on Soylent!