Solid Pseudo-Soylent


Like some others, I found the concerns of measuring and mixing every vitamin and mineral to be a bit worrysome for trial purposes. So, I identified a multivitamin that contains reasonable amounts of most. The one I’m using is “multi-xtra” from a New Zealand based company.

But then I found the taste of liquid soylent (the macronutrients) to be unpleasant. Perhaps it’s my maltodextrin - it retains a trace of corn-like flavor, and I don’t really like corn.

So, I decided to try making a solid form that would resemble a granola bar or energy bar. To maltodextrin and whey powder, I added toasted oats and peanut butter (and of course, some water to make it mixable). I spread the mix out on a baking sheet and baked for 10 minutes. This probably breaks a bit of the maltodextrin into simpler sugars, but not much as it still doesn’t taste at all sweet. There may be some loss of protein quality as well, but the baking time could be shortened or eliminated all together if this were a concern.

The taste is more like what I was hoping for - bland, unremarkable. If you find drinking the liquid unpleasant and don’t mind adding a couple extra minutes work (you can make a couple sheets of this stuff at a time), might be worth a try!

FWIW, my intent here is to consume this stuff as a supplement for distance running training. I anticipate burning 4000+ calories a few days a week at the peak of training, and want a cheap no-hassle extension to whatever else I might be eating.


Thanks for this, I have been brainstorming ways of making this stuff solid. I kind of miss chewing. :smile:


As much as I’d love a solid, more portable form like this, I think the main concern is the destruction of quite a few things in the baking process. I know the protein is heat-sensitive. I vaguely remember Rob mentioning somewhere that temperature tests were done and nothing above 200ºF was recommended?

You could try just dehydration over time, which requires patience. Hopefully less stuff will break down. Would really love to have a stable way to make a solid form!

Microwaving soylent?

You can use clarified butter (ghee) or coconut oil instead of olive oil. Warm your oil up until it melts (30°C should do it). Mix it into your ingredients and cool it in the fridge. The oil will solidify again. It should be enough to hold it together.

Use coconut oil if you’re overcautious about avoiding extra Vitamin A or cholesterol. Clarified butter has both.


What you’re looking for is a hydrocolloid. Combining eggs with salt is probably the most common, but requires heat to catalyze the reaction, combusting some of the other ingredients unfortunately. For fun you can just put an egg with the macronutrients, salt, and an emulsifier and stir it up. Look, soylent pudding.

There are many other hydrocolloids, and some even are reversible. This is definitely what I’ll be focusing on after manufacturing the base formulae is a little farther along.


Saliva might even be helpful digesting ? (also no blender needed, so I can more easily take this stuff on the road).

Some flapjack/granola recipes don’t use butter but oil and honey, so even that should work…

anyone made these already ?