Solve hunger in the US


I just looked at the usda food stamp program, and they spend 78,445.45 millions of dollars every year (

That would buy a lot of soylent.

What if soylent were free and subsidized by the govt. I wonder if it is possible if every grocery store / shelter / charity could get soylent for free. I would imagine the diet would be significantly more healthy, and end food stamp fraud.

There would need to be a limit, of how much someone could take. That would avoid shipping it overseas in volume etc. There may be a period of stockpiling as it is first released, but if anyone could get food anytime that would tail off.

I don’t think soylent was started for profit motive. Imagine if a homeless person could at any time walk into any grocery store and walk out with soylent for free. No reason for hunger issues in this day and age.

Even if there was fraud, it would probably be an order of magnitude smaller than the current system as there would be no cash involved - only product.


380,000,000 people, ~2.80 a day, 365 days a year.

You could feed every man woman and child on soylent for $400 billion per year. Economies of scale could probably drop that down to half or less.

The money is there. The motive… is not. I haven’t thought it through enough to know if I want tax dollars allocated to “free” food for everyone. Superficially it seems like an awesome idea. In reality, there are probably some big costs and ethical considerations.


Interesting. I guess I would propose that even if soylent were free, the uptake would not be 100 percent of the population. That would cause some interesting social upheaval though. Like the end of grocery stores, mcdonalds, etc.

Also note that ending hunger doesn’t mean adjusting feeding everyone, just the ones who are currently going hungry.

Look at the recent walmart fiasco when the government card limits were not working. It’s clear there is a lot of waste with the current system.

Alternative proposal would be food stamp eligibility cards would be required for free soylent. I’m betting a much healthier meal than currently eaten by the majority of the us population on food assistance.

I still think in this day and age we should be able to take concrete steps towards solving hunger, and that soylent is a huge step forward.


Very true. I’ve seen someone buying $70 of “gourmet” TV dinners (Not the cheap Banquet ones) with food stamps. I thought that that was a huge waste of money.