Some form of soylent for 9 months now.. Currently In limbo land!?


I started diy soylent back in Jan. Used 2 different reciepes. I enjoyed both of them with no side effects. I have been on official Soylent for a month. I cant put my finger on it but I feel different and not in a good way. It could be the whole gas issue, or my gut just… who knows. I have a few more weeks of Soylent but seriously considering going back to “measure and mix” ugh… i really dont want to though… what to do damn it?!..

In the mean time, anyone want to try this out?


If you’ve liked DIYs better than you like official Soylent, you can try buying DIY premade from one of the sellers at I like Soylent better than any of those soylents, but everyone’s different! Look at the recipes on offer over there and if one of them’s similar to one of the two you enjoyed, you could be all set.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried a few of 100% Food. Didn’t like it. Anyone selling QuidNYC recipes?


Which DIY recipes where you using? What was so bad about mixing your own?


There are other sellers besides 100%Food’s @spaceman on that marketplace. @axcho for one sells a number of different recipes, and he links to all of them on the DIY recipe site so you know exactly what you’re getting. Give it a look.


Yes, we had a listing of Keto recipes developed by @QuidNYC and sold by @PurpleLizzard on But since @PurpleLizzard is in Mexico, after facing some customs problems for shipping to US he withdrawn his listing.

P.S. Since you tried 100%FOOD in spring - we made a progress with our Classic formula. Now we offer Low Carb (not keto, but close, based on Zone diet), Double Protein and Half sugar. So you may be interested to try.

P.P.S. I just thought - If you’re ready to post a review - I can send you a Marketplace sample kit. You will get a new experience, readers of this forum will get a comparison to Soylent and your DIY (since you have experience in both).


I was using his superfood and then went Keto. I can mix my own but just dread it. It takes time… I would rather be doing something else then preparing food.