Some ideas Which might help with Keto Soylent


So I decided to start up a keto diet on my own. I got all my ingredience and tried to make a keto soylent recipe and tried that sucker out. Turns out…it tasted like SHIT. I have complete gave up on the idea of creating a pure keto soylent and kinda gave up on the whole diy soylent. While looking online on a way to get my fat macros I came across the idea of “Keto Fat Bombs” which is pretty much a treat you make to help you reach you daily fat macros. They are usually really easy to make. So I had an idea. Why not make a daily supply of soylent to supply mainly your protien (and or fiber and what not) and then make different Fat Bombs and use both at once.

Some keto fat bomb recipes and ideas can be found here at pinterest. Sorry if this was mentioned already but I though i could just throw it out there.


The idea behind Soylent isn’t just to provide macronutrients, but macronutrients with micronutrients. You’d only be able to drink a small amount of Soylent before hitting your carb threshold, and then you’d have to bomb in protein and fat. This leaves your micronutrients (provided by Soylent) hanging in the lurch.


I believe he means to make a DIY soylent that would be complete, but very reduced in calories so that it could be supplemented with the fat bombs. I think it’s worth a try, but I’m curious how palatable those fat bombs are. Are thy tasty enough to be worth the change?


If you finally make it pleasant - we will be happy if you list it at DIY-soylent Marketplace.
A lot of people interested, but there is no non-horrible taste offer yet.


I made some keto bombs which turned out quite tasty actually. Or atleast ALOT tastier then any keto soylent I tried. I was just pointing out that usualy the factors in soylent that seem to ruin the texture or taste is the high ammounts of OIL needed to be used for your fat Macros (Which the keto bomb kinda takes care of for you).

Look at this cheese cake for instance.
Thats about 48 grams of fat per slice which is actually pretty nice. Thats 48 less grams of oil you need to put into your soylent for having one slice of cheese cake a day. One cheese cake would last you a whole week (Provided it wouldn’t spoil but i havent tried it) Hell one slice has 3 grams of carbs and 9 grams of protien. How about 2 slices a day?

You could also use breakable chocolate bar mold to make your own penut butter cups like this here. FYI i would get some REFINED coconut oil . refined has no taste or oder which i prefer cause the the virgin or urefined coconut flavor is powefull in these keto bombs.

In that end your soylent could be a customized protien shake that you use in combination with Keto Bombs (obviously adding your vitamins and nutrition into your soylent). Im gonna try to make some keto bomb recipient and ingredience pages so people could try to add those to their soylent recipes so see hoe much oil they can remove and or help with the taste.


So basically, drink protein shakes and mix in some fiber? That’s like two ingredients, should be pretty easy.

How does Keto soylent taste? I figure oil makes stuff taste good? Maybe it needs a metric ton of splenda and spice? That’s my guess, if you completely drench your soylent with splenda and vanilla it will come off tasting like liquid cake considering all the oil.


I am very happy with my DIY Keto soylent. It’s a bit more high maintenance than most soylent out there, but the taste (for me) is outstanding. My recipe is also based off of QuidNYC’s Keto recipe. The main difference is that I use chocolate protein Isolate and 1.5 cups of milk. To achieve the smoothest consistency, I blend each days mix the night before and allow to chill. @Spaceman, if you think that will fly on the marketplace, I’m happy to contribute.


Sure go ahead @sharkerty,
register at the DIY-soylent Marketpace forum,
send me your nick, photo and description of you recipe (look like others do) and I will post it for sale!


Which chocolate protein are you using?


It’s the Now foods dutch chocolate whey protein isolate.


I spent about 2-3 weeks on QuidsKetoFood. It did not take for me at all. I was constantly hungry (or at least experiencing the feeling of not being satiated), the flavor was at best passable. I experienced a terrible Keto Flu and saw a dramatic drop in my peak output (mile run time, etc.). I’m not saying it won’t work for some people but I would highly recommend trying/borrowing/buying some if at all possible before committing to large quantities. I now have several bags of chia seeds and 15+ pounds of coconut flour I likely will not use. On that note, if anyone is in the Seattle area and wants some ingredients for Ketofood hit me up.

P.S. I’m back on People Chow and I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I felt after just a few days. Ive restructured my people chow a bit as well, dropping Masa down to about 300 grams and taking my whey isolate up to 110 grams. It drives the cost up a bit but I lift weights and cross train 4-5 days a week. I wanted to do people chow and ketofood “as listed” first before tinkering and have no graduated to adjusting my formulation to allow weight loss but also not give me diminishing returns on my training.


Keto is definitely not for everybody, but it will be amazing for some. I had almost the opposite experience as you when I tried it for a few weeks. I slipped into keto in a few days, no keto flu, good energy, etc, the drawback for me was that I didn’t like the taste/texture of the recipe I was using.

I had gotten used to a fairly thick DIY and wasn’t used to such a thin mix, plus the taste was more along the lines of passable like you said, and not something I was really enjoying consuming. I was enjoying the change into keto though and would like to try it again, I do want to have something tasty that I will enjoy though. I also think that since I have been using Soylent I have gotten used to the thinner texture, so hopefully that helps as well. I think I’ll try fitting in some milk as @sharkerty suggested to see if that can make the difference for me, I don’t like the idea of being tied to something that spoils so easily, but if it makes the mix taste good I think it will be worth the trade off.


I didn’t like that idea either, then I realized that once prepared, the shelf life is about the same as regular Soylent (~3 days) as long as it is refrigerated. Also, I realized that I mostly have the time to mix my soylent the day before (which most people seem to be doing anyone).

The taste definitely sells it though. The milk gives it a thicker, creamier texture which mixes with the chocolate very well. I won’t say chocolate shake, but it’s not far off and wayyy more healthy.


I’m not too worried about the shelf life once it’s mixed, I always keep mine cold as it is, but it’s the general short shelf life of the milk.

I’ve been enjoying having a few months worth of food on hand at all times, and making the change to having to go out and buy an ingredient a few times a month is what I didn’t like. I do think I’ll give it a try though, I really do like the idea of a good tasting/enjoyable keto soylent.

How well does milk freeze and thaw? I’ve never tried it, but think that may work well for me here. I could at least make it a once every month or two purchase that way.


I have never froze milk. That sounds weird. That being said, I use 1.5 cups of milk a night and a gallon jug last me approx 2 weeks and doesn’t spoil. So I’m at the market 2x a month. Honestly though, I still go to the store once a week on average because I still eat steak and broccoli and fish.


I think I’ll stick to buying it as needed.

Looks like it can be frozen, but the consensus on the interwebz is that the taste and texture may be effected, so I’ll probably not go that route.

On the other hand I never knew that shelf stable milk was a thing. It looks like it would double the cost of the milk, but it’s good to know it’s an option.


If you live near a plant them that processes UHT milk, you can get it pretty cheap. I pay about 80 cents/quart for whole milk. Reduced fat runs 5-10¢ cheaper.