Some levity.....Too gloom and doom around here


So my friend and I were mixing up the six months we got last week and storing it in 2 gallon jugs that we were bringing downstairs to the basement for storage in 4 freezers we bought just for this purpose…

We had 26 jugs and were stacking them in boxes on hand trucks and were slowly making our way to the bottom of the stairs…Everything was going well. We made 3 trips down and unloaded the stuff off to the side, figuring we’d just load the freezers when we had all the jugs downstairs.

So on the 4th trip in about the middle of the staircase, I hear a loud crack and the next thing I know I’m on my back soaking wet!

I takes me a minute to see that my friend is still on the stairs above me but the hand truck is empty and I’m lying in a pool of Soylent that can best be described as very very large…

I try and move but my right shoulder is killing me and one wrist is definitely broken…

I look around some more and see the empty bottles. At least 10 that I can see and some more under the stairs I can’t count…

I ended up going to the hospital and turns out I dislocated my shoulder and didn’t quite break my wrist but it hurts like a mofo…

Total Soylent lost - 19 jugs. I must have landed on 5 or 6, the hand truck crushed a few and the rest got sent flying and opened when they hit whatever they hit.

Oh, and then I woke up! I think I forgot to mention in the beginning of this that I had 1 too many somthings last night and had this weird dream…Man am I glad this wasn’t real!


I have no words… Can you explain why it was a good idea to create so much soylent and freeze?


Only my subconscious knows…


The nature of the initial post makes it difficult to read all the way through before wanting to make a post of one’s own.


Oh dear God…the horror.


That sound horrifying. O_O So much lost Soylent. So much pain. And so much “y u premix so much Soylent, subconscious?!”


My first post i deleted because I saw this post was a joke post. Personally I am not a fan of these threads without content :confused: but meh


As a personal/moderatorish opinion, there’s nothing wrong with threads such as these – as long as they’re labeled appropriately within categories like “other”, as this one is.

The forum has evolved to a legitimate social platform, and while “I had a weird Soylent dream” may not be in lockstep with the literal reality of the product, it’s fine to share and chat about.

That being said, one of the things about social forums is that if something significantly bothers a notable subset of users (more than “meh”), that thing is by definition a problem. So my post comes with a disclaimer that it can’t be used out of context to defend just any old nonserious-type topic with “but you said we could post whatever!” :wink: