Some lingering (admittedly OCD) stuff that should be fixed


Hey forum Gods, whoever you are…

There’s a few things that’s been tugging on my OCD tendencies ever since I first came here.

  • The Soylent logo in the top bar resizes slightly when you scroll down in a thread.
  • The same Soylent logo is cut off at the bottom in the mobile view (on my iPhone 4s, at least).
  • The favicon needs to change! It’s just the default Discourse icon…

Would anyone care to fix those? Hopefully by pointing them out I’ll trigger the OCD in others and speed up the fixing! :smiley: I’d think they’d be relatively easy to fix, but I could be wrong.


I would like it if they made it so all links in post open a new page/tab and don’t take you away from the page you’re on. (i.e. target = _blank)


I’m so in the habit of middle-clicking or command-clicking links to open them in a new tab anyway, target _blank doesn’t make much difference to me… but yeah in general external links should be opened in a new target.

And now I’m gonna notice that damn logo resize issue every time I scroll… LOL


You bastard… Now I’m noticing the logo being cut off too…

Chrome in android 4.4, for the record.


Haha, I NEVER noticed the logo resizing either. But it’s helping make room for the subject line, so it doesn’t bother me.


[OCD]Then why don’t just make the smaller size the normal size, so that it doesn’t resize?[/OCD]



@casssax You can set your preferences so that links open in new tabs. Click on your avatar in the top right corner and click preferences…


My thoughts exactly! Why aren’t any mods replying? Should we ping them directly?