Some minor test results

I have been on soylent for about 6 months. I make occasional forays into muggle food, but the majority of my diet for those months has been soylent, or now Soylent. The vast majority of weeks I am 80-90% S/soylent, occasionally only 50%ish, but very rarely less.

I occasionally donate blood. One of the things UBS offers is a sorta health screen when you donate, it’s very minor, but still a bit interesting. They use it as a ploy to get more people to donate, I wasn’t even aware they gave any test results until I scheduled this last appointment.

My results are below. My blood pressure has dropped, as has my total cholesterol, hemoglobin is slightly up. I have never seen my BP as low as this last visit, without exception whenever checked it has been on the high side. I know total cholesterol is not nearly as relevant as a full lipid panel, but I have never had a lipid panel done, and the only numbers I have seen is the total shown below.

While these results are in no way comprehensive, I do find them interesting, and thought some of you may as well. These are my results from my last three donations.

BP:…152 / 97
Temperature: 98.3

BP:…145 / 87
Temperature: 98.8

BP:…127 / 75
Temperature: 97.9

I cannot donate again for 4 months, but would encourage any of you that can to do so

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Has your weight dropped any? Curious as to whether these results are related to or isolated from other changes?

Very interesting data, I am curious to see how my numbers change. The change in pulse intrigues me the most weirdly enough.

It has, about 340 at my last donation, about 300 now. I don’t doubt weight loss has effected my overall health, but I also know that my diet has had a significant effect on my weight loss and health.

Even when I was in the mid 200’s my BP was high though, it has never been this low. So I am leaning toward that change being more likely from the dietary change and not attributable to the weight loss. Cholesterol was never checked outside of the blood donations. I know I am getting significant iron from my DIY, so I would assume the rise in Hemoglobin is attributable to diet as well.