Someone available as middleman? :)

Yep, I was hoping to find someone to send me soylent, a month worth, to the nazi stronghold “Germany”?
I pay over whatever you want, inclusive reasonable shipping. But I don’t have a credit card. PayPal is preferred.

Would he awesome!

That can get a bit expensive. I didn’t know where in Germany you lived, but to ship something the size and weight of a months supply of Soylent from where I live to Berlin would cost just under 80 USD, plus the cost of the Soylent itself, so approximately 330 USD assuming I figured it correctly.

Why don’t you buy one of the European variants of Soylent: Joylent, Queal, … ?

I can recommend the Joylent vanilla version… I am drinking some right now, it is the next best thing compared to official Soylent… though I have not tried 1.3 Soylent yet… Joylent is easier since you don’t have to add oil even. (though some would argue the flax seed they added to achieve this isn’t the best source of essential fats)

Have there been an article about Soylent in the German media recently? Seems like a sudden influx of German-oriented threads (not to say that’s bad, I just noticed).

Anyway, you can pick any of the European blends here, or try Veetal or Soylent by Actibest.

Articles… Not that I know. I was watching the soylent website for over a year, waiting for a release or shipping in/to Europe.
I ask so late because now it is unbearable for me to make my own food. :smiley: too annoying. I have no microwave or regular oven. :weary:

Are these imitations as healthy as Soylent? Can I live on em eating nothing else?

Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

Well, they certainly claim to be as good or better than Soylent, though no one can tell for sure - the market is too young to know, most of the brands started only last year. I guess you’ll just have to search for the names of the brands here or on reddit to see what people think.

I bought 10 days of joylent to try it.


Let us know how it goes!

What I have tried so far:

  • Joylent: Excellent Taste, quite cheap, I had to stop because of allergic reactions/digestive problems (That’ s just me).
  • Veetal: Better-than-ok taste, quite expensive, has a certain ‘high-quality’ feeling to it (at least for me).

Effects of both products: Expect to get a high when starting, slowly getting back to normal when you continue, feeling slightly better overall in the long run. Your results may vary [as always].

You use them quotation marks wrong. It has to be “nazi stronghold” Germany, unless your local situation qualifies.

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Weird. I have no idea why Germany is quoted.
I’ll reply once I got my joylent.

Hey there!
My joylent came a week ago and I have to say it tastes good. I live almost entirely on it, except for tortillas with cheese. Too awesome… :smile:
I ordered a mix of all flavors. Banana and vanilla are my favorites.
I like that it is cheaper and way healthier than what I usually eat. (tortelloni with four cheese… I have no oven…)

I recommend joylent for all European fellows.