Someone stole my Soylent!

Sadly, RL hasn’t heard Europe yet…

So when my father-in-law went to the U.S. a couple of weeks ago and asked me what he could bring me back, I directly thought of Soylent.

So I ordered some on the website and had it delivered to his hotel in Chicago. It was a tight schedule but it worked out.

A few days ago, he came back but one of luggage has been opened (not by the customs, which always leave a note) and my Soylent wasn’t there anymore… In the other hand, the pitcher and the measuring cup were fine in his other luggage.

So here I am, with a $60 pitcher and a $25 measuring cup and with no Soylent!!

I just felt like sharing my frustration with you guys. I have been a DIYer for a year now and I was so eager to try the real stuff… Dang!




I would pat him down. When it comes to Soylent, trust no one.


@conor send this man a single bag of Soylent right now! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks @Tordenskjold ! @Conor did contact me already… I won’t get my hands on Soylent before it gets to Europe though… :’(


Could have been Customs, and they didn’t leave a note this time.

Seems a lot more probable than someone who rifles through luggage, then only removes the powdered food. :wink:

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We had soylent go missing from our luggage, spoke with the airline and got a credit for it.


That’s how I picture it: they don’t have much time so they just swap whatever looks valuable (it could have been a laptop in this nice packing…).

@DrDrJane Thanks for the tip. It may be too late though…

Now we just have to wait for someone to create the thread “WOW Life Changing Experience!”

“i first met the product after acquiring some soylent from a generous airline passenger, after eating it for a week i felt so much mentally and physically better!! ordered more, went back to school, stopped acquiring gifts from airline passengers for a living. now i make 100k a year as an active research chemist. thanks soylent!”