Something I noticed on Rob' last blog post


It was a concern that important gut bacteria would need the other
substances in food, but fiber alone seems to do the job. In fact, it
may be preferable to kill off some species, like the ones that turn
chemicals in red meat in to unsavory byproducts.

Erm… no, you don’t want to kill off anything. We barely know how gut flora works, we don’t yet fully understand what it does. We do not want to start killing it off.

I think this is a very silly thing to say. It gives the impression that we’re trying to rush Soylent’s adoption and, to be honest, that we’re cowboys. Which we are, but not up to this level.

Also, what happened to the other posts?


In @rob’s defense, in his position, it’s one thing to speculate to yourself, it’s another to speculate to blog readers, and it’s certainly another thing to speculate to a crowd as large as the one he’s attracted.

Rob is doing the right thing by acquiring the talents of several different types of medical professionals to Soylent and this speculation and others will be challenged, affirmed, corrected, and all put through an FDA facility. For those of us that are making our own Soylent, things like this are definitely important to pay attention to, however (considering most of us here think Rob is a god :P).


I doubt they do research. I’m sure it just means it’s clean.


I think one should first walk, then run - as I understand it, the primary objective of soylent is that of providing complete nutrition for the optimal function of the body. Since these gut bacteria are far from being understood, attempts to streamline what bacteria to feed and what to starve to dead is an unnecessary risk for the whole project imho. One needs to keep as many constants as possible when experimenting.


I got you. ** *kills all bacteria 100500%***