Something Missing? "Stainless Steel 1000ml bottle"


I’m an original backer. I didn’t get my 1.0 order until this month, so I’m just finishing up my supply.

In the box, I got the green “airtight” pitcher (though it’s been leaking the last 2 days after only using it for a week, only with soylent, and using it to shake Soylent/Oil/Water together…as an offshoot is anyone else having this problem?), the metal scoop, and a week’s worth of Soylent 1.0 that I ordered about a year ago.

I was looking through Soylent emails for backer re-order instructions, when I realized something was missing after looking at the original invoice…

Your Balance: Total to be charged: $13.00 Your credit card will be charged $13.00 for the items in your add-ons cat, and will be billed after the project’s lockdown date. If you need to make changes to your credit card information, you can do so here.
Your Pledge Summary $65 - Includes 1 week of Soylent and a Soylent airtight pitcher.
Your Add-Ons 1000ml stainless steel bottle Qty: 1 x $13.00 1000ml Stainless Steel bottle
Holds 1/2 day supply of Soylent (over 1000cal)

This is the email I got not too long after first ordering… I never got that Stainless steel bottle though. Did anyone? Is that bottle even an existing thing?


For starters your pitcher is leaking because your screwing the top on to tight and its warping the seal. Second to get official attention you need to tag @Soylent and wait for a response.


As I remember in Spring they decided not to include Stainless Steel bottles and refunded to those who ordered. check your credit card statement to make sure that you had your refund.


Thanks guys! I didn’t realize.