, a Soylent Community

Hello, I just released a beta version of a fan-made Soylent social network. You may access the Community at I look forward to your feedback. Thanks.

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Thanks Ode :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t see the reason for it… we already have here and reddit, you will only be making it less centralized by making more places. ':smiley:

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Thanks for your input Tordenskjold. While surfing Google for related Soylent social networks a couple of months ago, I came across Discourse, a few Soylent groups here and there on Facebook, and Reddit as you mentioned.

However, I was hoping for something not directly owned and managed by the Company itself, in addition to being an environment entirely dedicated to Soylent; therefore SonjlentHub. Hey, It also seemed like a fun endeavor to undertake :slight_smile:

Well, there is one more: FutureFood at Imzy. Stop by some time!

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We don’t own or manage Reddit.


Wait… What? Soylent doesn’t own Reddit??? How did I not know that??? My entire life has been a lie!

Jokes aside, I may have wrongly worded myself. The aforementioned was referring to this Discourse forum.

On a different note, Conor, what are your thoughts on the black & white theme I used for the platform? Thanks.

I’m fine with it :thumbsup:

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Thanks, mate. I was trying to steer clear of the common blue/green/orange that make up the majority of social platforms and stick to something original to Soylent and the simplicity in its logo.