Sooo hungry! Any advice is appreciated


Eight days into Soylent and I’m eating it for Breakfast and Lunch with a traditional meal for dinner. I did the calorie calculator and it said I need a bit over 2000 calories to maintain my weight (5’10" 165lbs, no exercise). That is about what I was eating before I started Soylent, so no surprise. I love the taste, but am struggling with serious hunger pains. At times during the day I get so hungry I get light headed and very irritable. Here’s my eating pattern for today, which is very similar to other days (I also tried one day just sipping the whole day with no difference):

  • 7am feeling good
    500 Calories (1/4 pitcher) at 7am
  • 11am feeling a bit hungry so
    500 Calories
  • 2pm feeling very hungry, dizzy, irritable
    500 Calories
  • 4:30pm super hunger has come back dizzy, irritable
    300 Calories and big spoon of peanut butter
  • 6:30pm about to bite someones head off I’m ravenous
    ~ 700 Calories eating a full meal of salmon, leafy greens, potatoes, and radishes
  • 9pm
    I’ll be in the mood for a snack but it’s a twinge and can go without

As an add, I add salt to the mix since I heard that works. I’m also using the latest batch, which I believe is version 1.3. Any advice is greatly appreciated, I’d really like this to work out!


How quickly do you drink your Soylent? You could try breaking it up into smaller more frequent meals and/or drink it slower.

Also are you sure its hunger pangs your feeling and not just an empty stomach feeling?


Up water intake helps me, 1 glass with every meal


@horsfield has a very good point… it’s pretty common for it to take some time before your stomach is used to not being so stretched anymore. That could be a component of the hunger you’re feeling. Light-headedness could however be as @antiman77 suggested - not enough plain ol’ water. Most people seem to need significantly more water than Soylent provides on its own. I’m actually an oddball in that I have always needed very little in the way of hydration, but do try drinking an extra 8 ounces or so of water with each Soylent meal and see if that helps the headaches at least.

Also, there’s been a fair amount of discussion about how “Soylent calories” seem to be different somehow. If you were used to 2000 calories of conventional food, you might find that you can go over that number with Soylent and not worry about gaining weight, since it seems as though the body is more easily/effectively/efficiently able to utilize Soylent (mostly if not entirely anecdotal however).

Hope some of this helps!


Also get your blood sugar levels tested as you seem to be getting dizzy a lot of times when you are getting hungry. Rule it out as a factor.


Eat something ! :wink:



Thanks all! I don’t think it is just stomach feel, since more than a pain in the stomach it is losing energy, etc. That said, I’ll give those ideas a shot too, just in case. So sounds like the strategy is: drink more water, try to wait it out and see if I just get used to it, and don’t worry so much about calorie content (for now at least).

Another thought I had was that my old diet was pretty high in protein (skip the rice and feed me cute tasty animals), if it continues to be a problem I may also add in protein powder.


@nbdrews that sounds like a solid plan :slight_smile: a little extra protein and you can even add a little extra oil…


That’s a good point. Your body is used to more protien. You could try finding a level of protein/fat your body likes then slowly back it down till its happy with just Soylent.


You really need to transition into slowly. My overall food “volume” went down, and I did feel a little empty for a while, but then I felt ill for other reasons for 4-5 days and didnt eat much, when I went back to a normal appetite my 1800cals or so of Joylent was just fine. Gotta let your body get used to getting just what it needs.


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