Sore throat on People Chow 3.0.1


So I’m on day 2 of People Chow’s 3.0.1 Tortilla Perfection, and one thing I’ve noticed is after each meal I develop a sore throat. I’m wondering if this is the masa or the soy oil? I have read a few other threads on the topic but didn’t see anything specifically mention which ingredient was the cause. I’ve been doing 3 meals a day (as opposed to 4-6) since it’s somewhat uncomfortable.

The sore throat feeling goes away after about 45 minutes to an hour so I’m not concerned, but if it’s the oil I’m wondering if I should switch to something gentler? I have Avacado oil and some almond oil left over from some previous diy recipe’s so I may try some of them and see if it changes anything.

I also noticed an orange tinge while cleaning out my blender bottle, but I assume this is the masa (actually when I was blending last nights batch I left it in the vitamix a little too long and it came out steaming, any chance the orange is related to “cooking” the masa?).

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Could be reflux? Look out for any chest pains or coughing, that can be reflux too.


Didn’t even think of this though I should have known, I take 40mg’s Famotidine at night for reflux, might have to switch to mornings.


I’ve been doing a modified version of People Chow for over a month now. I’ve never noticed any reaction from the masa or the oil or an orange tinge for that matter. I would suggest leaving out or replacing one ingredient at a time and see if the reaction goes away. Your body can handle being without one of the ingredients for a day without any problems. It could be your just sensitive to one of the ingredients and the problem may go away once your body adjusts.


I was on a slightly modified People Chow 3.0.1 Tortilla Perfection for about 8 months. I finally got real Soylent so I’m switching to that now.

I didn’t blend my DIY but I did notice some orange spots in it. There weren’t many and they were only visible if it had sat a while without swishing it in the Blender Bottle. Once I would swish it they would dissolve I guess.

I always have a tiny bit of a sore throat. I didn’t notice a big different on DIY or Soylent. From what I’ve read in this forum, that is usually caused by not drinking enough water.

I also seemed to have issue with olive oil for my oil. I tried it for a while and didn’t like it. No big reactions, and it could have just been my brain playing with me. In any case I liked canola oil much better.

Good luck on your DIY journey. :slight_smile:


Now that I do remember seeing. I assumed it was because of the lecithin I was adding ( it being a similar color). The OP made it sound like there was an orange coating on the inside of his blender.

@kogneto if you do go with avocado oil you will need to add a vitamin K supplement. Soybean oil has lots of K but avocado does not.


Thanks for the heads up @horsfield I will keep that in mind


Try adding xanthum gum. It will smooth out the recipe as it may literally be the texture of people chow that is agitating the throat. I do about a 1 to 1.25 teaspoons for a days batch. Your vitamix should be able to deal with he thickness the gum introduces problem


I can confirm your experience with throat irritation. I’ve used this same recipe over the past few days as an introductory experiment with soylent and, though I would not say what I have qualifies as a sore throat, it does consitute a throat irritation. I’m needing to clear my throat frequently after I consume my soylent. My assumption has been that it’s the coarseness of the masa harina sliding past the larynx and down the esophagus, causing superficial scratches, that’s the mechanism behind the irritation. It’s been a fairly minor issue for me over the short term I’ve used this recipe, and I’m planning to modify the ingredients in the next batch by adding a percentage of oat flour as a replacement for some of the masa harina. I don’t plan on using soylent to meet all or even most of my nutrition needs and/or long-term, btw; rather, I plan to use it intermittently in the hope of alleviating episodes of digestive distress, as well as perhaps as a diet while traveling. So I’m not especially concerned about this throat irritation issue. I can understand how it might be disconcerting to someone who wants to use this recipe more frequently and long-term.


@soylynewb and @kogneto are you letting the soylent soak overnight in the fridge before drinking? I find that GREATLY reduces the “crossness” that soylynewb is reporting. Freshly mix the masa harina is gritty and after an all night soak it is still gritty but not course like liquid sandpaper.


No, @horsfield, I’ve been letting mine sit anywhere from 15 minutes (recipe calls for this as a minimum) to probably an hour and a half. I haven’t noticed much difference in texture as it’s sat longer. But I will definitely try out your suggestion. In fact, I just put “supper” in the fridge and will consume it in 6-7 hours. That should help me determine what effect a longer soak should have on the texture. I plan to try replacing some of the masa harina wtih oat flour in any case, as I attempt to adapt the recipe to my needs/tastes.


A soak in the fridge for 6 hours made no notable difference (to my sensibilities) in the grittiness of my People Chow. I’m willing to try a longer soak, but if 6 hours doesn’t have much effect, I have to say I’m doubtful a few additional hours would matter. Incidentally, I’ve begun to wonder whether the throat irritation might not be related to some residual alkali (from the lye or lime with which corn is treated to make hominy–from which, I understand, masa harina is pulverized into a powder) in the masa harina rather than its coarseness.


Your right a couple extra hours won’t make a difference. What brand of masa are you using? I assume its Maseca.


Yes @horsfield, Maseca.


I started using an immersion blender and that made things a little smoother. Probably not enough to make a difference for you though. You could use a regular blender as well. My throat has always been a little irritated so I didn’t notice any difference when I started DIY.


Yeah I’ve been letting mine sit overnight 7-8 hours for breakfast and then in the fridge at work another 4-5 hours for lunch all week, but I’m looking into trying out xanthum gum in the future, will report back then…maybe I’ll just drink it with some soothing tea or something with it.