Sorry, haven't got my shipment 10 days after order


I placed an order on September 11th, 2015, BUT I HAVEN’T RECEIVE IT NOW.
I have sent a feedback to you 2 days ago but didn’t get a reply.
Can someone help?


Tagging @Conor for you. Hope you hear something soon


Can you pm me with the email you used to message customer service.


I ordered 2.0 about 13 days ago and didn’t get a response. Then I messaged using the form at about five days ago and got the preliminary meaningless response but nothing substantial.

I am a 100% subscriber of 1.5 and my next payment will be taken soon, so it doesn’t bother me much that my small order wasn’t processed. But if anyone wants to check into it, the email address I used was (I have been posting my email address publicly for 20 years or so; no need to warn me.)



could you PM me with the email you used?


I’ve also had a shipment issue. I only just put in a ticket through your contact page but I saw this thread and thought I should let it be known here too for good measure.

I’ve recently switched my 1.5 subscription to a 2.0 subscription. I received the first boxes of my 2.0 subscription this afternoon and it came in two boxes. One box of 4 boxes of 2.0 and a second box of 5 boxes of… 1.5? It’s strange. The invoice says the contents are 9 boxes of 2.0, or, well, Soylent Drink, but it’s clearly over half 1.5, the powder.

Here are some pictures, if that’ll help anything.

I also have a friend who ordered some 2.0 and got his last week but it was an order of 1.5 instead. I thought that was strange and told him to contact customer service which was last Thursday and he’s yet to hear anything. Is there an issue with the contact page on the website? Or something else going wrong?

Edit: after finishing my reply I noticed I had an automated response email from the Soylent support desk just letting me know the inquiry was received and an agent will get to me asap.


I’m @SkullAndCostBones friend. I had ordered 2 x 7 Soylent v1.5 pouches (1WK-V5) and 1 x 12 Pack Soylent Drink (R1-00GR12CAC). I received the 1.5 pouches and a starter kit (which I didn’t order, nor am I a new customer, so don’t think that was intended). There were no boxes of 2.0 included. I replied to the shipping notification email ( that said if I had any questions or concerns to reply to it. I sent that on Thursday and got the automated response but still have not gotten an agent to reply back. I’m not sure what the typical response time should be but thought I’d hop on this as well in case something odd was happening. If I just didn’t give sufficient time for you guys to reply, I’ll just wait for supports reply.




FYI: I received a response telling me I HAD received the order and providing a link as proof!

Unfortunately, the link was to an order of 1.5 that I had in fact received. But as I clearly specified, I was asking about my order of 2.0.

Clearly, there are some confused people answering questions.


Good news everyone! I just received an email reply and the support team is handling my issue.


Apparently my order was never received, and there was no explanation for why my follow-up query was not answered properly. But my order is now on the way, and all is well.


Unfortunately we have a flood of tickets, we are expanding our customer support systems to deal with the huge volume. With the launch of 2.0 we have had a new influx of customers and many have questions about the product. If you pm me I will do my best to have your ticket addressed and fix in as fast a manner as possible.

Soylent customer service, where are you?

So I received a reply back late yesterday saying that they’d ship out the 2.0, but I’m still waiting on the confirmation. So we’ll see how this progresses. If I have any other issues I’ll PM you @Conor. Thank you for being attentive on the issue :smile: