Sorry want to remove this post


Right got a email off him late yesterday stating that he doesn’t check his email all the time but it has been posted we will wait and see what turns up. hoping he is a genuine guy!


Do a paypal claim, RThat is unfortunate though.


It’s Tuesday. Shouldn’t you wait a bit before sounding the alarm? Dude could be ill or just not available for reasons he can’t control.


What if he got hit by a bus when he was rushing to ship?! OMG, he’s DEAD!
Or in the hospital.

Or he’s just a jerk, but hopefully none of these are the case.


We should hold a memorial for @create . He was such a fine fellow.


just today I sent him a PM asking about his formula… I think I’ll wait and see how this turns out. sorry to hear about this @db_outdoors. I hope there’s a good reason for this.


Hey @db_outdoors, according to Track&Trace you should receive the package today, if not then on Monday. Could you please post here once the package arrived to confirm. Take care and let me know your experience with our formula.


Hey @create can you share your formula. I like to know what I am consuming.
ps. glad your not dead. The memorial was going to be a b–ch.



Hi John,

Glad you received your package and thanks for the heads up about not being dead :stuck_out_tongue:.
Our formula can be found here.