Source for multiple different powdered flavorings?


I’m looking for a source (preferably that ships to Canada for less than a million dollars) for powdered flavorings that can be added to DIY mixes.

I’ve kept my recipe flavor neutral, and there’s not much taste to it, so I’m not looking to cover anything up. I’d just like a source that I can order a handful of random flavorings from to add some variation from day to day.

I’m not terribly hung up on whether the flavorings are artificial. I know there are some easy things I can add from the grocery store (cocoa, cinnamon, etc), but that’s not what I’m looking for here. I’m hoping for a shotgun approach - one retailer or source of multiple flavoring powders that I can order from in one shot.

Any recommendations?


Firehouse Pantry sells a number of powdered flavorings, and says they will ship (from Ohio) to Canada using UPS Standard.

The Great American Spice Co. has a lot of powdered flavorings, but I can’t tell if they ship to Canada–you’ll have to try an order, or email to ask.

Country Kitchen Sweetart has a couple of dozen sweet flavors, nut flavors, and floral flavors (!) they sell by the ounce. They say they ship outside the U.S., but again, you’ll have to check how much that costs.

Cook’s Vanilla sells vanilla and hazelnut powders. They say they’ll ship outside the U.S., but you have to email or phone them to make the arrangement, and who knows how much it costs.

Wait! I found a Canadian distributor of a flavor-powder line! Cake Decorating Tools is your exclusive Canadian distributor for More Than Cake’s “Perfect Palate” powder line. They don’t seem to carry all the flavors More Than Cake’s U.S. distributors do (in fact that’s what Country Kitchen Sweetart sells, lots more flavors), but by gum you can get up to 5 kg of the 15 flavors they do carry shipped for $10 Canadian.

Tired now. Mind you, this is just places that sell flavors in quantities under half a pound, because I assume that, at least at the start, you don’t want to commit to half a pound or more of a flavor you haven’t tried yet.


Wow, you really spoonfed me that flavour powder :wink:

Thanks! That’s amazing information.


Nice list @asympt!
I wish we could have them filled in small sachets like sugar…
Than we could enclose it to every bottle!


I see what you did there.


@spaceman, there are a lot of commercial companies that make flavor powders, but don’t sell to non-commercial customers. You could probably contact a few of them, get some samples, and see if you could get them to make them for you in “sugar packet” form, if you’re going to buy enough.


I will communicate with them and will issue a limited series to try, like we did with 21 flavor.
Thanks @asympt for suggestion, I will send you one free set first.


Awesome idea. What will your price be for a mixed set of flavorings?


As you might see we in the bottom of our Menu - we offered 21 flavor for $84 ($4 per bottle).
There were a lot of work. If we can just enclose sachets with flavors I think we can stick to our regular $75 price per One Week Set.

By the way, @r_soylent - when do you plan to start marketing your blend?
I see you’re mastered enough to entice me to try.


$4 per flavor pack? That seems like a lot, no? That’s almost the cost of all the other ingredients that would go into a DIY mix combined.

Edit: I see that I misunderstood. Didn’t realize you were selling a whole DIY recipe on your site. I thought you were suggesting selling just the flavor packets for $4. That’s neat that you’re selling your DIY version. Best of luck! Aren’t there major food labeling / liability issues, etc?

What do you mean by market my blend? Like provide a full list of ingredients I’m using?


He means, join the other sellers using his site to sell their actual premade DIYs to the rest of us who don’t want to make them ourselves.


Sure if you make your DIY at kitchen you can save,
but if you add to it a cost of the package (we use bottles) and shipping - you will find our regular price ~$3-3.5 per meal reasonable (depends on the volume). While experimental series should worth higher.

Regarding “marketing your blend” - I mean selling.
A lot of people have no time, skills and desire fro cooking / integrating.
Plus consider one time investments into ingredients are to high for just to try.
And no one is satisfied with one taste - we’re too different and craving for variety.

That’s why we see a place for Powdered Foods Marketplace in Soylent ecosystem and invite you to offer your blend for sale. You have a good approach, you’re located in Canada (right?) where a lot of customers deprived of official Soylent…

Why not to start from samples?!


I have not received a reply from (as you mentioned in your list), but thanks to @LazyVegan I started a communication with (they offer commercial scale flavourings and vitamin mixes). I ordered samples of:

Powders and Extracts:

  1. Aloe Vera Full Spectrum Aloe 100%, Freeze-dried (N50.1)
  2. Strawberry Freeze-dried Strawberry Powder standardized to 300 ORAC μmole TE/g and 3-5% typical total phenolics (N95)
  3. Tomato N793
  4. Yogurt Powder N476

Brands and Exclusive Products:

  1. AncienTrim™ (N668)
  2. AnthoComplete™ (N669)
  3. BarleyTrim® (N458)
  4. elevATP™
  5. FruiteX-B® Calcium Fructoborate (N152).
  6. VitaBerry® (N1023).

Pls. give me a hint - what else do you want to try?


It’s the commercial-level producers who make sense for your commercial enterprise.

And it’s not me who should suggest what flavors, because I’m out on the texture level. Time to canvass your regular customers!


Yes, we made a survey and make release soon,
but some extra opinion is always good.