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As I posted separately, I am new here and just started using the beginner’s formula with a few tweaks. Since I live in the U.S. and have Amazon Prime, it took all of five minutes to order everything (USD$178) and some items arrived in two days.

The fiber took the slow boat being non-Prime eligible, and just got here today. The container is tiny, and there is only a week’s worth of fiber in there. While I ordered a larger bag of some of the other bulk ingredients such as maltodetrin and whey, there is apparently no larger option for the ON Fitness Fiber. FYI while waiting for this to arrive I have been taking two fiber pills (methylcellulose), one each morning and one each evening. That seems to help keep what little I have in my guts moving along nicely.

While my lower GI has a clean bill of health at the present time, Celiac and Crohn’s run in my family and I do have diverticulosis (i.e. I am ok as long as I get enough fiber). Some people may be able to do this without fiber but I absolutely have to keep traffic flowing or I can end up with serious problems.

What are other people doing for fiber? Pills? Powder in the Soylent? Is there a better option? What do you guys recommend for me: keep taking the pills, or find a different (more economical) powder?

What about fiber?

A lot of people around here are using psyllium husk as a source of fiber. It’s a decent form of insoluble fiber, but it’s generally recommended that you get both soluble and insoluble fiber. The Fitness Fiber is the best priced premade blend of fibers I’ve seen. There are others, by say Garden of Life and Now Foods, but they’re more expensive.

If you want an inexpensive source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, the best options I see are hemp protein and flax seed meal. For example they have 3 lbs of hemp protein at for $22.49 (which is the best deal I see right now), but that still comes out to 4.2¢/gram of fiber. The ON Fitness Fiber is 3.3¢. Then again, you get quite a bit of protein with it, about 450mg of protein per gram of hemp protein powder, so maybe it’s worth it.

For flax seed, has Now Foods Flax seed Meal (the best deal I see), but that works out to 7.0¢ per gram of fiber. You could get whole flax seeds and grind them yourself in your coffee grinder. I think the flax seed they have at my local Whole Foods is about $1.99/lb in the bulk section, so I guess that works out to about 3.3¢/gram of fiber. About the same as ON Fitness Fiber. But flax seed is a good source of omega-3 fatty acid. says there are 228mg Omega-3 per gram of flax seed. So maybe that’s worth it for you.


Soluble. :slight_smile:
I use 35g per day of powdered Psyllium husks, this works well for me. Costs me €0.53 ($0.68)


The cost is not my primary concern, although I certainly do not wish to waste money. I am more concerned about quantity.

Looks like I can stock up on a twelve pound bag:

That is 5.45kg, divided by 35g is over five months supply for $78 and it is Amazon Prime eligible. Plus, it is hard to argue with the top-rated comment:

If you don’t poop enough, and would like to poop more, this is for
you. Personally, I mix it with chocolate whey powder and milk - 1/4
cup of this, 1/4 cup of whey, and a cup of 2% milk, and the next
morning, I poop a single, two-foot long log of supreme quality.
There’s not much more to say.

Okay, I just bought the twelve pound bag. Discover Card twisted my arm with the $40 cash back bonus I have saved up. Also, that comment did more to sell the product to me than any advertisement ever has.


If you want to have a more varied mix of types of fiber, look for any of the various brands of Fiber Cleanse products-- they usually have a combination of three or more types of fiber and you can usually get them in larger quantities than Fitness Fiber.


I would suggest a combination of glucomannan and inulin.


i laughed and laughed and laughed when i read this.

i had been using super seed (amazon), which contains a great bunch of stuff, but i was burning through an expensive jar about once a week.

so i switched to this.

for whatever reason, day 1 of psyllium, i thought i needed 40g, so that was about 6 tbsp (as opposed to two scoops of super seed). horrible. not only did i have to force my stacklent which turned from a liquid i looked forward to, to a sludge i didn’t know what to do with,

the taste went from sweet to chalky, but


it DUHSTROYED my bowels. crash. burn. more visits to the bathroom than bottles drank. what little weight loss i’ve seen so far i think can be attributed to this day. even more hilarious, i had a major presentation. for 90 minutes. an hour away. that day.



Yeah, psyllium has laxative effects. They recommend you ease up to 40 g from small amounts. I made the same mistake, but found my soylent undrinkable (gag) and dumped it. Good thing, too, as I read later. I have yet to reintroduce it. I’ve been eating bran cereal in stead, but will try drinking psyllium husk in water (not giving it a chance to dissolve).


I am having a bunch of bowel problems now that I think I will attribute to the psyllium. I am no where near 40 grams though, I am just at 1 tablespoon, which I will drop to nothing tomorrow to see if that helps.

I have to ask though, as I did in another post, has anyone done research into psyllium? I was reading that if you don’t drink enough water it can cause blockages in your intestines which can lead to necrosis. I found some pretty bad things about psyillium, which has me a little concerned. Just curious if anyone else has come across anything.
I found all of my info from Google searching: stomach cramps psyllium


@HarveyDesu — wow. thanks for that info. yeah, so far, psyllium has not been pleasant. i started with 6tbsp (40g), dropped to 2, now i’m down to 1. i guess i might have to throw a giant bag away.

they say you can tell how healthy an animal is from its feces. well, (you may want to skip the next sentence or two), pre-psyllium, my mix led to perfect results in that regard. nothing’s been right (although it has tamed down) since psyllium.

@andrewf, even if i could build my resistance/whatever back up to 40g, i certainly wouldn’t want to. it makes it sludge, chalky-tasting, etc. i fail to see the benefits.


I’m not much of a fan of psyllium either. It’s pretty unpleasant. I may try to use up what I have to supplement the fibre I’m getting from my new source: coconut flour, which is 35% fibre by mass. Bonus: it tastes pretty good. Only downside is that it doesn’t dissolve per se. So your mix has some (not disgusting) particles of coconut. It did definitely greatly improve the taste.


You may take a look at acacia flour as a fiber supplement. I am currently getting enough fiber from the rest of my mix. And since I have removed the psyllium I feel awesome. No bowel issues what so ever (except when I eat normal food).
I have a test recipe that I am thinking of trying that is $1 cheaper per day. But I would have to supplement in fiber again, which I am a little concerned about, but if I go that route I will try acacia flour to see how it works.

Coconut flour is a great source of fiber. But pay attention to your iron intake, as coconut flour has a bunch of iron in it. I had to search for something else because I was way over on my iron when I was looking at coconut flour.


I did notice the high iron content. My multivitamin doesn’t contain a whole lot of iron. I think I may still be okay. Between the oat flour and coconut flour I’m getting ~90% RDA. The multivitamin puts me over, but still under the UL.


I tried psyllium for 3 days. It felt like I had swallowed live worms that eventually turned into methane bombs. Never again. Back to the wheat dextrin in benefiber. Not cheap but does the job. Need about 40 g of it, for my recipe. Still working it out.