Sources for Potassium


What have people been using as a source for potassium?

It’s my understanding that the FDA restricts potassium supplements to a mere 3% of daily requirements. Are there any alternatives to taking 33 doses of a particular supplement?


Definitely buy this one in powder form. A lot easier than swallowing or grinding that many pills.


I got the NOW brand potassium gluconate online for fairly cheap. It’s 1/6 elemental potassium by weight. The bottle’s suggested dose is 1/2 teaspoon for 270mg, so I use 2 teaspoons in a serving.


I also use the NOW Brand potassium gluconate powder (Amazon) and it goes very quick. I need to find myself a supplier. Lab supply or brewery supply or something…


Salt substitute (Potassium Chloride) has 56% DV in each teaspoon. That stuff has a really strong salty flavor though. If you make more than 3 quarts of soylent per day then it should be fine, but any less and you’ll taste it a lot.


Would you please do the math to figure the proper dosage for potassium iodide for those of use who would like to use that form? Thanks


So I take it that the 6 bananas I eat per day just ain’t cutting it?


Hi Carvie, as I was working it out, I was under the impression that since the body can handle up to 300x the daily requirement of Idoine there would be no problem, but I wanted to double check. The problem is that your body needs a few grams of potassium, but only a few hundred micrograms of iodine. That’s not good. I decided not to share the numbers, just don’t supplement potassium with for KI. Sorry for misleading you. Just stick with Potassium Chloride in salt substitute or taking 30 of the supplement pills.


Hmm so I just did the math on NOW Brand’s Potassium Chloride where you get far more bang for your buck.
118 grams of elemental Potassium per bottle
107 grams of elemental Chloride per bottle

With salt, monosodium phosphate, and potassium gluconate I get (approximately) 140% sodium, 100% chloride, 100% potassium.
With salt, monosodium phosphate, and potassium chloride I get 100% sodium, 200% chlorine, 100% potassium.

That 200% chloride may be no problem for the body and the lower sodium may even be preferred, but I have no idea. Can anyone chime in with some science? I want to try potassium chloride for a while, looks like the dollar goes 3 times as far or so (have yet to do the exact math).


As far as upper limits on chlorine or sodium: If you have any blood or heart condition, to over do sodium, otherwise, you’re fine with 140% Na in a day (the tolerable upper limit is about 152%). Chlorine has about the same flexibility, you should avoid 200% chlorine, the TUL is around 157%. I get some of my sodium in the whey protein, so I can cut back on KCl and still get adequate levels of each of the minerals without coming close to their upper limits. One pitfall of potassium chloride is that it tastes even more salty than table salt, but a little different. You can pick it up from the grocery store in the spice aisle as salt substitute. I prefer Mortons Lite salt. It’s a mix of NaCl and KCl, and doesn’t taste so bad.


I just got a container of NOW potassium chloride – as others have said, it contains more potassium by weight than most other sources, which is the main plus.

Taste: it does taste kind of like salt, but I’m optimistic that a few grams of it will be fine for the flavor. I would describe it as having the initial kick of salt, without the strong, lingering salty taste, and instead with a fainter taste which is somewhere between salty and bitter.

I think it’ll taste fine in my personal mix, since I have other sources of potassium, and only need about 2 g more. If this is your only source of potassium though, it might affect the taste too much, depending on what other ingredients you have.

I plan to try potassium citrate next. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try gluconate. But I hope I can make this work, because it’s really attractive having a source of chlorine other than table salt, to keep my sodium below 2 g.


Great description of the taste of the stuff. I use it mostly because it’s the cheapest and most readily available. As long as you dilute in enough water, it tastes fine in the soylent, even with vanilla whey. Makes Chocolate flavored mix taste more chocolate-y.


Fantastic reply, thank you, for some reason I was having trouble finding the TUL for chlorine. It looks like potassium chloride isn’t going to work for me because of this… or perhaps I will combine it with some potassium gluconate.


Update: I’ve been using 3 g potassium chloride and 1 g sodium chloride (per day), and the taste is fine, with the other ingredients I’m using at least. I’m still low on potassium, and plan to add some potassium gluconate for that. I think 4 g potassium chloride would taste bad.


Hey Chris, where did you get the numbers for Chloride in NOW Brand’s Potassium Chloride and their Gluconate? It only mentions Potassium on the Nutrition label.


Element   Symbol   Atomic Mass   # of Atoms   Mass Percent
Chlorine Cl 35.453 1 47.555%
Potassium K 39.0983 1 52.445%
118g K / 0.52445 K/KCl * 0.47555 Cl/KCl = 107g Cl 118g elemental potassium / 0.52445 * 0.47555 = 107g elemental chlorine

Tomorrow will be my first day using potassium chloride rather than gluconate.


I use 8.4 grams of KCl and the taste, while noticeable, doesn’t bother me. Some people I know couldn’t even handle less than that, so I think it depends on the person. I like my particular mix of Soylent right now, as it tastes a lot like soy milk.


Has anyone tried Potassium Citrate? My formula has some KCl in, but only to get my required amount of Cl, since I’m getting Na from other places and I have heart issues so I want to keep Na at exactly the right amount.

The only issue I’ve seen investigating Potassium Citrate is that it’s hard to find, but it’s got much more elemental Potassium than in Gluconate.


I absolutely hate the taste of soy milk :wink:


What do you think of Potassium Citrate instead of or combined with Potassium Gluconate as a possible source of K? Seems like you might need less, but I don’t know what either tastes like.

Anyway, the mix of Na (2.4g) + P (1g) + K (4g) + Cl (3.4g) could be:
Monosodium Phosphate: 4g
Potassium Chloride: 2.2g
Potassium Citrate: 11g
Table Salt: 4g