Sources for Potassium


Has anyone tried Potassium Citrate? My formula has some KCl in, but only to get my required amount of Cl, since I’m getting Na from other places and I have heart issues so I want to keep Na at exactly the right amount.

The only issue I’ve seen investigating Potassium Citrate is that it’s hard to find, but it’s got much more elemental Potassium than in Gluconate.


I absolutely hate the taste of soy milk :wink:


What do you think of Potassium Citrate instead of or combined with Potassium Gluconate as a possible source of K? Seems like you might need less, but I don’t know what either tastes like.

Anyway, the mix of Na (2.4g) + P (1g) + K (4g) + Cl (3.4g) could be:
Monosodium Phosphate: 4g
Potassium Chloride: 2.2g
Potassium Citrate: 11g
Table Salt: 4g


There’s 220 mg of potassium per serving in Whey Protein. I have two a day which gives me 440mg before supplementation. Still far short of 2.5 grams required but worth notating.


Can’t get over the bad salty taste of KCL. If I go to K Gluconate, I will lose the chloride. Any ideas on how to consume 1 tsp of KCL everyday without puking? I am doing a mineral/ vitamin version of Soylent only. I get my fats and protein from food.


Gelatine capsules.


I may try the DIY capsule option for KCL, as well as Gluconate, also for getting more K on food days.


I would assume you get plenty of chloride from salt (salt has more chloride than sodium)

When I made my formula, I was getting enough chloride from salt and my magnesium source that I basically HAD to use Potassium Gluconate for my K source.


I’m not certain about the UL as far as chloride is concerned - all sources I can find assume that Cl is paired with Na and base their recommendations off of the negative effects of too much Na. Here’s an exhaustive discussion on the subject (which I admittedly didn’t read all of):

That being said, I’m concerned how the body would deal with the excess Cl, as it’s normally excreted in urine along with the Na, or to change the acidity of the blood. I’m going to experiment with different amounts of KCl vs. K Gluconate and see if I can observe any effects. It would be extremely helpful to be able to get some K from KCl though, both in terms of volume and cost, as others have noted.

If you have any additional data on the TUL for Chlorine independent of Na, please link me the document…


KCl and Potassium Citrate are HORRIBLE to the flavor. Potassium Gluconate is much much tastier (not much flavor at all). So here is what I am learning. To the recipe above, I can remove the KCl, go with Potassium Gluconate (almost twice as much as the Potassium Citrate) and an extra gram of salt for the CL. Then you know what? I cheat. 1.5-2 bananas rounds out the potassium and pretty much fixes the flavor of this whole thing. Question for the group: Is banana powder more of a cheat than whey? I don’t feel like I am being honest to the experiment by using banana, but this stuff isn’t all that tasty unless I do something… Thoughts?


I created a new thread about this, but thought I should share it here too:

Today during my research I came across a product from Sifto, “Salt Substitute”. Here’s a few pictures:

Front Face:

As per the nutrition label and the price, as long as my math is correct, this is the single most inexpensive source of Potassium I have found to date. With its price listed, this comes out to about $0.11 / Day, as my math shows here:

Potassium Needed / Day: 3500mg (Rob’s Recommended)
Amt. in 1 Serving (1.5g): 775mg
Servings Needed: 4.51 (3500 / 775)
Total Serving for 3500mg: 6.765g (1.5g x 4.51)
Number of Uses: 44.34 (300g / 6.765g)
Cost Per Use: $0.12 (0.117 Rounded up) ($5.19 / 44.34)

Obviously for other Canadians - if you happen to find this elsewhere - it may not be the same price. I located this in a Metro Grocery in North York, ON, and I’d like to note that it was not on sale.

With my current build, I get 47.97% of my Potassium from my whey isolate - meaning I can cut this amount in half, resulting in a CPD of $0.06 and extending the use of this product to 90 days. Sweet deal!


What does the potassium citrate taste like?


Potassium citrate tastes a little bit like salt, but it is much, much more harsh. potassium chloride (a salt substitute) is close, but potassium citrate is so bitter that nothing I did could mask it.


Well, that might be a problem… But I’m gonna try it anyway. I can’t get gluconate where I live and chloride would give me too much chlorine.


No one mentioned Potassium Bicarbonate (KHCO3). I haven’t tried it yet, but I ordered some. Has anyone tried it? It is 39% potassium.


Holy piss, potassium bicarbonate looks like a good source. It doesn’t mess with any other nutrients, already used in foods, high potassium by weight and it’s the cheapest source I’ve seen. How bioavailable is the potassium in it though? It seems to be used largely as a source of CO2 and the Wikipedia lists no known LD50, when potassium’s toxic as hell in an elemental state.


Hm… I would be carefull with experimenting with potassium bicarbonate in large amount.
It may work, but it is very alkaline if I recall corectly. Maybe this messes up the acidity in your stomach.


Balls, you’re right. It neutralises stomach acid and inhibits protease production.


Okay, update: tripotassium phosphate seems to be fairly bioavailable, more neutral than bicarbonate and provides a near ideal amount of phosphate. My maths indicate that ~8.5g of tripotassium phosphate gives you your 4.7g RDA for potassium and also gives 1.24g of phosphorous, significantly over the RDA but well within safe limits. The only problem is sourcing it.


I tried some bicarbonate. I used 1.5g (585mg Potassium) in 250ml water. I dissolves very fast and is only slightly salty.
I think I will be using 5g in my mix together with 13g gluconate and see how it goes.