Sources of iron?


I’m trying to do my first complete DIY soylent …

Somehow I ended up with very little iron (probably because I’m getting my multivitamins from MegaMen’s complete nutrition … which lacks iron).

Any recommendations for sources of iron?

Here’s my WIP recipe for reference

P.S. The rookie mistake I made is I started buying ingredients before knowing whether or not they will contribute towards a balanced recipe :confused:


You can get more iron by adding more oat flour. You can also get it from masa, if you’d like to do a mix of that and oats. The whey protein may also have iron in it, but i’m not sure.


Iron supplements are readily available.


Hm, can I find it as powder?


Would a liquid suffice?


awesome! got myself a liquid :smile:


On an unrelated note, you do not need extra sulfur as you get enough from your proteins (as Sulfur-containing Amino Acids).

See :


Re: Sulfur. I read that tidbit of information in the people-chow blog. But I already bought MSM sulfur.

Would you advice against adding it to my DIY?


Also, does anyone know if it’s safe to mix the liquid iron with the oil blend?

My “Vitamin K” source is also a liquid (drops). I’m thinking of also mixing it with the oil blend.


From what I read, proteins are enough to supply for sulfur. Sulfur supplements are known to give very smelly gas.